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    Sony giving away custom build PS3s to developers (stunning/pics)

    Thought some of these were fucking fantastic. Adam Boyes (3rd party relations, Sony) shared on twitter. He was on stage at E3 for a while, introducing exclusive content and indie stuff for PS4. Album link at the bottom. Some pics: Boderlands/Gearbox: Grand Theft Auto V/Rockstar: Metal Gear...
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    DayZ developer on Next Gen consoles - interested in PS4 port Pretty big if it ends up happening. Oh and Sony doesn't make you pay for updates now? Very interesting
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    [Rumor] Xbox One to only work in certain countries at launch A console made by gamers, for gamers - apparently Link broken.
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    MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Extended Director's Cut trailer Mindblowing to be honest. PS4 at the end too for those who were unsure
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    PS4 retail packaging revealed

    For those interested Looks yummy. The console is such a stunner
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    PlayStation 4 Teaser Was YouTube’s Most Watched Video In February

    Source Man that's a lot of views
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    Many game developers were unaware of the PS4's RAM increase

    Source: Eurogamer/DF Naughty Dog lead Engine and Graphics Programmer: John Carmack Randy Pitchford Tiago Sousa [R&D Principal Graphics Programmer at Crytek. Worked on Far Cry, Crysis 1, 2 and 3 + all CryENGINE iterations] Stefan Boberg (Frostbite Technical Director) Johan Andersson...
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    Rayman Legends delayed until September (No longer WiiU exclusive)

    Source Why yes, Mr. Poix, I did love Rayman Origins. This is great news :D
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    Skyrim help

    So I recently went back to Skyrim after a several month hiatus. I'm level 53 Reguard and have gone dual-wield 1 handers or shield/1hander if the situation demands it. Anyway, I'm getting my ass handed to me by high 'ranked' Dragons, mostly from their breaths, and mages/spell-casting enemies. I...
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    Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - Story Trailer Looks great, and the white Vita is so sleek.
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    Rainbow Moon rises on PS Vita in 2013

    More pics and an interview at source -- When the game was announced for PS3 I said it looks great and that if it was on Vita I'd definitely get it. Well, they've got my money for sure now :)
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    Little Big Planet Vita review scores

    PSU - 9.5/10 IGN - 9/10 Edge - 9/10 The Verge (Polygon) - 9/10 Destructoid - 8.5/10 The Sixth Axis - 8/10 Videogamer - 8/10 OPM UK - 9/10 CVG - 9.2/10 - 94/100 -- Congrats to Tarsier studios and Double Eleven studios for getting this version right. Seems like the...
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    God of War: Ascension preview - Lead Designer Mark Simon - Gamescom (video)

    Good little interview. After the epic that was GoW3, it's mind-boggling to me how they have managed to make a substantially better looking game. This looks like it's going to be the most insane, over-the-top, and bloody GoW yet
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    'Most Wanted' on Vita is a 30-frames-per-second wonder (Pics/video)

    Source Whoa. This is how you do it, and I'm definitely getting this game now. If it somehow manages to become cross-buy then Christmas will have come early :). Criterion <3. Just look at that last pic! Open world, those graphics, on the vita.. damn :D
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    AC3: Liberation Trailer (gamescom) [Update: Gameplay video!] I like the new female assassin. The graphics look really good! Hopefully it still has a good atmosphere, lots of civilians etc. Enjoy! EDIT: Gameplay video! GC...
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    Firmware v1.8 detailed

    As well as PSone support: via PSBlog Decent update. Grab it late August
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    YLOD hdd question

    :( My 60gb launch day phat, that my brother has been using for a couple years, died today. It was coming though, just last week the fan went into berzerker mode and was scary loud. Perhaps the hot humid climate we've had in London this past week played it's part here but anyway, it's dead now...
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    Tekken Producer on Wii U's Power - 'slower than the competition'
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    Stranger's Wrath HD XBLA finally ruled out Well that's a shame. I own the original on Xbox and got the PSN release this month thanks to PS+. Amazing game!
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    PSN-exclusive RPG Rainbow Moon release date

    [email protected] Turn based. 40 hours. 50 trophies+platinum How have I not heard of this before o_O. I'd be there day 1 if there was a Vita version, but I still might get this. Looks fun.