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    Sony giving away custom build PS3s to developers (stunning/pics)

    Thought some of these were fucking fantastic. Adam Boyes (3rd party relations, Sony) shared on twitter. He was on stage at E3 for a while, introducing exclusive content and indie stuff for PS4. Album link at the bottom. Some pics: Boderlands/Gearbox: Grand Theft Auto V/Rockstar: Metal Gear...
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    DayZ developer on Next Gen consoles - interested in PS4 port Pretty big if it ends up happening. Oh and Sony doesn't make you pay for updates now? Very interesting
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    [Rumor] Xbox One to only work in certain countries at launch A console made by gamers, for gamers - apparently Link broken.
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    MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Extended Director's Cut trailer Mindblowing to be honest. PS4 at the end too for those who were unsure
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    PS4 retail packaging revealed

    For those interested Looks yummy. The console is such a stunner
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    PS Vita Final Fantasy Type-0 rumors ignite

    Same, this would be sick. I'd take the PSP version lol, but a port to the Vita is music to my ears. Hope it's true
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    So I bought a Vita (Impressions)

    Awesome Scud, glad youre enjoying it. It is an amazing piece of kit and the catalogue of games is quite underrated but there is plenty to play. Enjoy Tactics Ogre btw, fucking glorious on the Vita. Play it on and off myself.
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    Soul Sacrifice - Is this a joke or a missunderstanding?

    Been playing the demo for a while this evening. Game is dope as expected.
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    Jak & Daxter HD Collection for Vita confirmed for June 19, 2013? More evidency

    Omfg amazing news :D. Got the PS3 version and PS2 original copies too :lol:. probably end up finding these on the store for cheap few months after release. Will get them then
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    Guacamelee is AWESOME!

    Yeah the game is getting superb reviews across the board from what I saw. I was interested from the moment Drinkbox announced it, because I loved Tales from space games. It's current £7.99 for Plus subscribers for the next 2 weeks, crossbuy and all that good shit. Will have to get it
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    PS Vita System Software Update (v.2.10)

    Think they said your real name appears if you link to a facebook account or that it was entirely optional - thankfully
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    SO, I'm selling my Vita =(

    yeah fair enough. I only ever notice the blotches on mine when I game in low light and when there is something black on the screen - like a loading screen or similar. Yours sounds pretty bad so I understand
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    SO, I'm selling my Vita =(

    Fair enough. The White Vita is fricking amazing so I go for it. The red-y one they released alongside Soul Sacrifice is the best looking one so far imo
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    SO, I'm selling my Vita =(

    Never once thought about selling mine. Apart from shitty remote play and not being able to play PS2 classics (lolol), it's everything I expected it to be tbh. With the amount of indie support it is now getting and apparently AC3: Lib and Ragnarok both being profitable ventures for their...
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    The Walking Dead heads to the Vita. The good one!

    Omg nice :D:D:D. TWD is amazing and I loved every second of it. Will gladly rebuy and replay on Vita
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    Metal Gear Rising on the Vita?

    o_O! Now this is some interesting news. Hopefully it's true
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    PlayStation 4 Teaser Was YouTube’s Most Watched Video In February

    Source Man that's a lot of views
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    32 and 16 GB Vita Memory cards half off at AT&T online store! (Sorry, out of stock!)

    Aw would love if this was in the UK Seriously, I'm in dire need of a 32gb card but I am not willing to pay the current prics. I'm sure lots of others are in the same boat. But man, that deal is great
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    Vita turns 1 year old....Free games and discounts for all!

    .....................Wild Arms for free...................... Fucking fuck. Wish this was for EU as well
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    Which PS Vita Games Do You Own?

    Rayman Origins is amazing on the Vita. Highly recommended