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    Games like Towerfall on PS4

    Do they exist? Can you tell me what they are so I can get stoked?
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    Far Cry 4 Yeti DLC

    Thoughts? I think the map is great, the cult people who worship Yetis is a cool idea and I love obliterating them. Pretty good DLC.
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    Wanna see Grow Home on PS4?

    I got it last week on PC and read here that if it sells enough on PC will be made for consoles. I personally think these weird/indie-ish games should be more accessible on consoles, wondering what others think.
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    "Resolution doesn't sell games" (FC4 developer)

    Hey I came upon this article this morning. I kind of agree and disagree with him. One, I don't think top of the tippy top line of graphics should be priority over content...
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    Watch Dogs E3 Trailer Leaks Early

    Looks way, way too realistic. This is ridiculous.
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    AC4 Gameplay Trailer Gave me chills!
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    Has anyone played "The Betrayal" yet? (AC3 DLC)

    I know it comes out today but I haven't rushed to get it yet. I heard you get the power to fly???
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    Collector Edition of new Splinter Cell comes with remote control... Plane? LOL... Crazy!!