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    PS Vita System Software Update (v.2.10)

    From the US PS Blog Coming later this evening is the next system software update for PS Vita. We’ve listened to your feedback and have included many improvements to make your PS Vita experience much more...
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    DJMax Technika Tune

    I just got DJMax Technika Tune, and I like it as much as the other DJ Max(s) for the PSP, but as you all know, it's very different, and the skills are not transferable. I was wondering if anyone that owns it has any tips or techniques? Do you use Front and Back Touch, or just Front? How the...
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    Vita Battery Life

    I've been playing Hot Shots Golf a ton online and I seem to be KILLING my battery. I'm getting about an hour and a half maybe 2 and I'm worried that I got a crap battery right off the bat. I know the wifi always being on might be bad, but I didn't think it would be that bad.. How is everyone...
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    PS Vita Starter Kit w/Memory Card ( U.S. )

    So I got the PS Vita Starter Kit from amazon today. It came with what I would loosely call a case, 4 gig memory card, earphones, screen protector, and a game case for 40 dollars. While, I don't feel completely ripped off, I would have a hard time saying it was worth it. Mostly because I...
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    Japanese PSN Store

    So, before everything going down for a while, I had an account in every region. ( I'm a U.S. guy ) Since it's been back up, I've been able to get into the U.S. Store and the E.U. Store, but I haven't been able to get into the Japanese Store. I was wondering if anyone else tried, or had a...
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    Phantasy Star Portable 2 question about story mission 3.1

    Hi, I was going through mission story mission 3.1 and I was having a problem. Whenever I killed a monster, nothing dropped, and the boxes weren't giving anything either. Has this happened to anyone else? I had 4 people in the party.. does this matter?
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    Does anyone still have an original Xbox Live account that I can borrow?

    With the original Xbox Live going down I started looking through the old games I have and just reminiscing. Then I realized I had never updated Steel Battalion to unlock all the VTs in multiplayer mode. ( if I don't update, I'm stuck with the four basic tanks ) When I realized this, I...
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    FF 14 Beta Code still going out?

    I was just wondering if anyone has picked up their copy of FF13 recently ( within a few days ) and still got the code to try for the FF14 beta. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I was wondering if they were still going out.
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    Syphon Filter coming to PSP

    I don't know if everyone saw this already, but Qore 9 has Syphon Filter. From the PSBlog --
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    Street Fighter 4 - Game Pad or Fight Stick?

    So, I was thinking of just continuing to use my SF Anniversary Stick ( with an adapter ) for SF IV, and if it doesn't work out well, picking up a new one. Which leads me to the question, what are you using?
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    Is game sharing over?

    I just tried to play Super Stardust HD that was downloaded using my brother's log-in ( he has his own PS3 ) and it gave me the message that I was not authorized to use the game. And to please log-in using XXXXXXX. ( Where XXXXXXX was my brother's account ) Is the ride over? Anyone else getting...
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    Will the PSN on PSP kill custom firmware?

    With the PSN on PSP ( source ) coming closer and closer, I was wondering a couple things. Do you think that they will have it check firmware every time you log in ( like the PS3 to check for updates )? Will it let you if you have custom firmware? Second. Depending on what I want to do with my...
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    Little Big Planet Pre-orders?

    I was just wondering how many people were/are going to pre-order LBP and if they're going to go to a specific place to get it. ( I'm going to gamestop for the kratos ) ( poll is set up for North America. Sorry everyone else. ) ( also, sorry if this was up before )
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    $199 Xbox

    I've been thinking, now that the Xbox is $199, I might get one. I've always been a PS3 fan, but since it's so low, I think it might be worth it for the few games that aren't cross platform. ( like Gears and such ) So the question is, since I'm not willing to spend $300 for the one with the hard...
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    Macross Frontier

    I just started watching this anime. Now, I know what you're going to say... 'Is this another one of those animes where there's an androgynous high school male that is somehow super good at driving mechs and somehow finds himself in one and then preceeds to save everyone so people adopt him as...
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    DJ Max coming to America

    From PSPFanboy
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    MGO Reward Points

    Sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. So you know how the reward shop is back up and everyone is supposed to get 1000 reward points for saying 'sorry' or whatever? Did anyone actually get their points or am I the only one that didn't? Just wondering.
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    MGS4 Clans

    I was thinking about looking for a clan / trying to get into one. Anyone in one, and having a good time with it? I'm not asking to join any now, just wondering if it's fun and worth it.
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    launch titles

    So, it was fairly recent when I bought my PS3, and I was thinking if I had missed anything from launch. First question would be if anyone liked Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire? Second question, any early games I should look into?
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    I just read the most major spoiler I could have read on kotaku ( by accident ) and now I want to kill myself ( and blow-up kotaku ). I'm no longer going to visit the internet because I am mad at it. So long cruel world!