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  1. Loudninja

    The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 10/24/2017
  2. Loudninja

    Yo guys

    Have not been here like forever! So how are all of you?
  3. Loudninja

    Resistance 3 info More info: More info from jstevenson: ON the weapon wheel On possible Move support On the overall game On the story .
  4. Loudninja

    Red Dead Redemption PS3 footage Nearly 20 minutes of it between 2 vids.
  5. Loudninja

    Atlus bringing 3D Dot Game Heroes to NA

    Its coming May 11th, 2010 for 39.99
  6. Loudninja

    PlayStation 3 sales rocket 1000% on slim release
  7. Loudninja

    Inside the PS3 Slim

    There you go enjoy the pics ;)
  8. Loudninja

    The Official I got a PS3 Slim topic!

    I see alot of people got there PS3 Slims today ;)
  9. Loudninja

    Post the best PS3 deals

    I am sure alot of you are looking for deals lets keep them all in this one topic. So please post them and I will add them to the OP North America Deals PS3 160GB for $374.99 at Amazon PlayStation 3 160 GB Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Pack: Video Games Get a free Blu-ray...
  10. Loudninja

    3D Dot Game Heroes screens

    Looks amazing
  11. Loudninja

    So who is getting a PS3 Slim?

    Ok you can still vote in the poll if you already have one. :D
  12. Loudninja

    Official Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Discussion Thread of Loot and Magic.

    You guys can post your PSN ID here Platforms PS3 360 PC Story Characters Gameplay and Features Vids YouTube - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel "Coop" Trailer YouTube - Sacred 2 High Elf - Seraphim Island Gameplay Test YouTube - Sacred 2 Dungeon Crawl YouTube - Sacred 2 Fallen...
  13. Loudninja

    So who is getting Sacred 2: Fallen Angel?

    I cant be the only right? My PSN is Loudninja1 Also 1UP review A- The review is terrible by the way just horrible.
  14. Loudninja

    IGN review of Infamous will be posted tomorrow
  15. Loudninja

    Can someone make me and Infamous avatar?

    Will give out 1500SP 1.Has to be 90x120 Using one of these pics
  16. Loudninja

    German Gamepro reviews InFamous

    Got this from Flow72 on Gametrailers,this is the German Gamepro review/.
  17. Loudninja

    So who did it?

    Someone change my password, and my date of birth when I as giving out the demo These are the people I gave it to: HavokBR Kyuubi Naruto LemoS_Maroni NoctisXIII I want my account back the way it was.
  18. Loudninja

    inFAMOUS gets an 9/10 from OPM UK