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    Just a dream for the US?

    At the moment, I don't have a ps3. There really are not many games I want, except for GT5. So I googled, gt5 ps3 bundle and found this. :) Does anyone think there is a slight chance of this being released in the US? I never follow special...
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    Multiplayer - Hours played

    I am starting to think this game is played way too much. Even though this is my only game played. So, how many hours have you guys logged on this game? Wanting to make sure I am not playing it too much.
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    New thermal paste, now its loud

    I have had a 40gig ps3 for over two years. Over the past couple of weeks, the high speed has been kicking on sometimes. So today, I cracked it open expecting tons of dust. There was very little dust and the thermal paste was still moist, but thick and not spread all over. So I pulled out...
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    Wireless internet problems

    I have had my ps3 using wireless internet since I got it over 2 years ago. It has always done descent, up until the last month. The first thing I noticed is my download speeds being cut down. I usually go around ~1mb/sec. Now it is super slow, I would guess around 200kb/sec. Today when I...
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    Add friends from pc?

    Is it possible to add friends from your pc? Most of my friends come from sources online, but sometimes I forget to add by the time I get back on the ps3.
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    Videos, Photos to ps3 with windows folders?

    I spent the better part of the afternoon copying all my music, photos, and videos to the ps3. My music came out perfect. I have albums in windows sorted by artist, so now I have multiple folders sorted by artists' name on the ps3. However, the videos are sorted bad. I have them in folders...
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    Renaming media

    I have lots of videos on my external drive that I want to put on the ps3. I put about 4-5 gigs on it, but they are named Title X. Is there a way to rename this, or do I have to rename it before I put it on the ps3? Also, the folder it goes into is the current date. Is there a way to rename...
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    Bigger HDD, less space

    I got a wd blue 320gig hdd to replace my 40gig. Installed it and restored the system with my backup data. When I go to look at the info, it says 248/298 gb. I was only using 24 gigs on my 40gig. So why is it showing I am using 50 now?
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    FMJ. How to use it?

    I have unlocked FMJ on the scar-h, but I am unsure how to use it. I though if I had it attached, it was automatically used. I have killed 30+ people with it, but my count is staying at 7. What is the secret to getting it to go up? I did not start paying attention to it until the other day...
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    MW2 clan wanted (tired of playing alone)

    I am sick of playing alone by myself. I hear clans talking to each other, and I feel like an outcast. :lol: I am not that great at it, my K/D ratio is around .80, but it is climbing. I was down to .30, but I have gotten better. I am at level 49 and play almost every night. I mostly play...
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    Faster predator missile

    How do you make this thing go faster to the ground? :confused: I know how to steer it, but I can't figure out how to make it go faster.
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    Am I lagging?

    When playing mw2, sometimes I don't see the person that kills me for .2 seconds. When I watch the killcam, I am in their view for much longer. I have my connection wireless, and the network connection says 35-80% depending on the weather. I also have comcast which sucks big time (125+ ping...
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    Split screen online?

    I have looked through the options, but don't see this option. Split screen is fun, but it would be even better to split screen and online play. You know, where me and 1-3 buddies are playing others online....:rolleyes: I know it is probably not on there, but just want to make sure.
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    Mute talkers?

    Is there anyway to mute the people talking? I think I know how to ignore certain people, but I need to do everyone.
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    Battlefield 1943 game card question

    What does the 0 above leaderboard score mean?
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    no surround sound

    I bought the onkyo theater system. I have it hooked up to my dvd player (too hot for ps3 blu-ray) with an optical cable. I select dolby digital 5.1 but the receiver says pcm(no surround sound). However, on other dvds with dts it will say 3/2.1. So I can get dts to play in 5.1, but not dolby...
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    Receiver setup for ps3 (optical only)

    I just got a budget theater system but need help setting it up. It is a onkyo ht-s3100 hooked up with a toslink cable from the ps3. I put in the blu-ray that came with the ps3 (previews and such). When I play game trailers the receiver goes to PLII and it sounds good. When I play movie...
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    1080p bluray on 720p tv

    Probably sound noobish, but here I go. My tv plays 720p and 1080i. I heard that 720p is better than 1080i, so I have my settings on ps3 for 720p. It is like this during games and doing everything else, except blurays. When they are playing it says 1080p. Is there anyway to make it play...
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    GTA IV Bomb da Base problem

    I have always played team deathmatch/deathmatch on gta until yesterday. Twice I played bomb da base and it went back to single player right before the helicopter landed on the ship. Everyone would get on the helicopter and when it started to land it would go back to single player. :confused...
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    Is it me or is something wrong?

    I have a 32" toshiba lcd (1080i/720p) connected to my ps3 with a monoprice hdmi. Before getting the cable I played using the component (whatever came with ps3) cables. It did not look good to me. Once I got the hdmi hooked up it looked good. But now I am wondering how good it actually looks...