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  1. Legend Killer

    New PS3 UK AD Videos!

    Don't know if this was already posted so forgive me it was. Here is the source link to the Ads: A good start in my eyes. :grin:
  2. Legend Killer

    Rumor: Discount Xbox 360 Elite Halo 3 bundle coming to Canada

    Rumor: Discount Xbox 360 Elite Halo 3 bundle coming to Canada by Griffin McElroy Another day, another Xbox 360 Elite price cut rumor. This time, said gossip comes to us in the form of a tipster (who wishes to remain anonymous), whose unnamed Canadian retail outlet is adding a new SKU...
  3. Legend Killer

    Is the "Negative Press" good for Sony?

    Well we've all heard them, I've been here since the beginning, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly to the point of making me take a break from gaming forums for a year. but we also cannot ignore the fact that Sony did most of the damage to themselves. from the beginning with the $600 price...
  4. Legend Killer

    Your Sales Guestimation

    Well with all the hype surrounding the new Price drop and the redesigned PS3, I was thinking it would be interesting to see how much you think the PS3 will sell from now until this coming holiday season. With a few major titles coming out this year i.e Final Fantasy XIII, Modern Warfare 2 and...
  5. Legend Killer

    Quick question?

    I have a question Is there any way to copy songs from your PSP or PC to the X360 hdd? I know how to stream them from both but I just want to know if copying them is possible. :neutral:
  6. Legend Killer

    New Heavenly Sword pics!!!

    I don't know if these where posted before but this is the first time I've seen a different location than the battle arena and they're sexy. forgive me if they where already...
  7. Legend Killer


    could someone explain this to me because I got one today for calling the xbox 360 lego box 360 and I was obviously joking I've seen people said worst and they didn't get an infraction so why did I get one wth is going on?
  8. Legend Killer

    What happened to Fifth Phantom Saga?

    Does anyone know what happen to Fifth Phantom Saga? I'm not a FPS fan but this game got my interest last year E3 it had great physics and the graphics where top notch was it cancelled or is it on halt at the moment?
  9. Legend Killer

    Legend Killer vs Supaman (round 2)

    As usual Vote for your favorite sig, challengers Legend killer vs Supaman_225. Requirment. Theme: Hitman Size:400x200 Animaton: None Prize: another win to your sig battle record. Legend Killer,s Supaman_225's Supaman you got my Sportsmanship vote poll runs for 2 days good luck.
  10. Legend Killer


    I've been thinking we have a lot of people who post in the design corner more than any other area on the forum myself included it seems the PS3 section is full of crap lately. :roll: I've post a lot in the design corner but we don't receive any skillpoints which sucks because I posted...
  11. Legend Killer

    Mad Angels sig shop (New sigs added!!)

    Well I've been planning on doing this for a while and thinks its time to finally get it started. All my sigs are sold with avatars they all cost 200 skillpoints I also make Animated userbars and PSP wallpapers for the same price. here are a few of my work more will be posted almost...
  12. Legend Killer

    LK vs Supaman_225 Vote Now!!

    Vote for your favorite. requirements Size:400x150 Theme:Prince of persia Animation: none Reward: respect Legend Killer's Supaman_225 Supaman_225 you gots my sportsmanship vote poll runs for 2 days goodluck may the best sig win.
  13. Legend Killer

    Sig Battle royal vote for the best.

    You know what to do vote for the sig that you like the most. Requirments Size: 350x150 Theme: Freestyle Animation: allowed Prize: bragging rights Legend Killer's UndecideD's MiNiMaL_sAnItY's Supaman_225's Guys just vote for yourself & may the best sig win poll...
  14. Legend Killer

    Legend Killer vs boomheadshot45

    Well I'm bored so boomheadshot45 and I think we would just have a little sig battle to keep the design corner alive lol :lol:. please vote for the best sig keep in mind boomheadshot45 has only been using Photoshop for a few days. :wink: Legend Killer boomheadshot45 And...
  15. Legend Killer

    We need more Mods.

    With all the crap thats been going on lately and most of the time there isn't a Mod around, I think its time you guys consider getting some more people to be Moderators and SMC to help manage the forum IMO. it's real annoying when there is a spammer running around breaking all the rules and you...
  16. Legend Killer

    Legend Killer vs Tribunal (Final Fantasy X)

    LK vs Tribunal (Final Fantasy X sig battle) requirements Theme: Final Fantasy X Size: 450x125 Animation: None Pop-out (*expletive deleted* FireFox): None Tribunal's entry Legend Killer's entry. goodluck Trib may the best sig win. :D Poll runs for 2 days.
  17. Legend Killer

    How much do you think its worth?

    Please forgive me if this was posted before but i'm getting sick and tired of hearing people complaining about the PS3 price so I came up with this idea since you guys are so great at pricing electronic devices why don't you tell me how much you think the PS3 is worth. Cell BE processor = the...
  18. Legend Killer

    PS3 Blues :(

    Well I figure the forum has been a little down lately with good and bad news coming down the pipeline so I figure why not give my fellow forum dwellers something to smile about. if you are a gamer and I know all of you here are the site which I'm about to introduce you to can be addictive some...
  19. Legend Killer

    Sickest Car Videos Ever! *Adult Language Warning*

    My brother recently showed me a website that has some of the most amazing driving videos ever made if you're a car enthusiast you really need to check this site out you wont be disappointed. :wink: enjoy. !!WARNING SOME VIDEOS CONTAINS ADULT...
  20. Legend Killer

    Photoshop Cs2 Brushes Help!

    Hey guys I'm just asking if anyone knows a good website to get Photoshop CS2 brushes I have a few but they are getting a little old I would really appreciate any help. LK