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    DS games that use Touch Screen only? Suggestons?

    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any DS games that use the stylus touch screen only (or mostly) for the game. It doesn't matter the genre or if the game stinks or is really great, I just need some suggestions. I'm trying find games that use the stylus mainly because my son...
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    Midnight Club La 300 races/180 wins trophies not registering, please help

    So I have had Midnight Club LA since release, and I've been playing it on and off since then, and haven't any trophy issues, but just tonight I am playing and I'm like 5 races off for both the "Win 180 races offline" and "Finish 300 offline races" trophies. So I race and first I get 300 races...
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    Shaun White Snowboarding online

    Can anyone please tell me how the online is in this game? Do people play it often online, or is it hard to find an online match? Thanks :)
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    CoD WaW secret prestige trophy/achievment??

    Can someone please tell me if this is true? People on other sites are saying that there are secret trophies/achievemnts for CoD WaW (that don't affect the platinum though). They say you have to prestige to unlock it. Now I'm not sure if they're saying you get it for each time you prestige, or...
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    Star Ratings Working Now

    When you scroll over a level and you see the name of it, a small picture, number of plays/hearts etc., well now right above the plays/hearts it has the levels rating (1-5 stars). This hasn't been there since it came out, and it wasn't there yesterday, so I'm guessing it just got fixed late last...
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    Republishing Help Please

    This is probably a dumb question, but I wanna be sure before I do it. How do I republish a level? I need to fix something on a level that's already published. Do I just go to my moon, edit it, and then publish it from there? I don't wanna loose the hearts/plays it has and stuff.
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    Terrible system of "cool levels"...

    Ok, I know this has probably been mentioned before but please hear me out anyways. My level (Playground Races) has 87 plays and 19 hearts and all positive tags (last I checked, about 5 minutes ago). It's not any of the 16 pages of cool levels. But there are levels with 3 hearts and 18 plays...
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    CoD WaW servers down?

    Hi can someone please tell me if the servers are down for them too and how long they'll be down if anyone knows? Someone said they read until tomorrow but I cant find anything about it online at all. I've googled, looked at Treyarch's site and forums, these forums and the official PS forums and...
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    Harvest Moon Islands of Adventure DS

    Ok, I was really excited about this game. I pre-ordered it and got the chicken plush. Then the game comes out. And it's simply unplayable. I really wanted to have a good DS harvest moon to play, but the controls are awful. You have to move your character using the stylus. The D-Pad and...
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    Photoshop Versions??

    I'm confused about Photoshop. There are a bunch of different versions listed on the Adobe site, and what I'm wondering is what versions are best for people who are making graphics like signatures? And what version does everyone here use? I wouldn't spend $650 for CS3, so that's out of the...
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    Idea: Trophies Level unlocks more items in Home

    Wouldnt it be nice to actually have trophies earn you something in Home. It would give more hype to trophies and more reasons to go out of your way to earn them, and add another feature to Home. Heres how it could work: Say every 5 levels you gain by earning trophies, you unlock a special...
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    Required trophy support?

    I have read from a couple of different places stating that all upcoming games will require trophy support sometime in the future. But then at other paces I'm reading that Sony will leave it up to the developers if they wish to include support for trophies or not. I have no idea which one is...
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    Rate your DS Games Collection

    You could just post your collection if you're too lazy to rate them, but I'm gonna rate them anyways :) Here's mine: The World Ends With You - 9.2 Pokemon Pearl - 8.1 Final Fantasy 3 - 7.0 Animal Crossing: Wild World - 6.9 I don't have many DS games atm, wasn't playing that much...
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    Handheld section

    I miss the handheld section. I know there's now a PSP section and the Wii section is now Wii and DS, but I don't even see any of the old DS topics in there that were in the handheld section.
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    Brothers in Arms:HH Online

    How will Brother in Arms work online? I'm probably going to get the game either way so long as the reviews are decent because I want to play it's single player, but I'm wondering how online will be. I've never played a BiA game before. So here are my questions about it's online mode: 1...
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    2.40 The Issues Described

    Since alot of people are wondering, I'll say what I know. Alot of PS3's have been completely freezing when updating 2.40, with no way to get out of the freeze. Some have updated ok, but when loading a game the system freezes completely with no way to get out of it. There were so many...
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    Create a Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) Contest

    There is a Create a Sackboy contest going on and I thought people here would be interested in it. The winner may have their sackboy in the final game. Using the sackboy template you can desing a unique sackboy and enter it in the contest, view ones that have already been entered, and enter...