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    Need help with Onkyo s3300

    Bought new receiver speaker package, supports 1080p has 3 inputs one output. I hooked up ps3 to receiver in and another hdmi from hdmi out to tv (aquos). Problem is, I get no video from it unless I turb it iff and on or unplug the hdmi cable and pkug ut back in. Not sure what Im doing wrong...
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    Digital Optical cable question.

    I bought a HTIB for my set up a few days ago. Not a great system, it's a samsung but I just bought something to get me into the surround sound world. The receiver has one digital optic input slot, and one hdmi OUTPUT. It seems as though I'm pretty limited with what I can hook up to this system...
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    RSS for Xbox section?

    Is there a link to grab the RSS feed to the Xbox sub section? I can't find it anywhere.
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    I just finished Act 1 and I'm curious, is it SUPPOSED to install after every act? After I finished the Act it started another installation.
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    Finally in my hands...

    So I just purchased the pro xbox falcon with an additional black controller + play n charge + messenger kit, gears, halo 3, and repurchased cod4 for 360 and a one year xbl membership... What am I missing? People from here to add me and show me the ropes. I'm at work so I don't have my xbl...
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    Xbox 360 Bundles?

    Hey guys, my xbox time is nearing so I've been shopping around online and in stores but I can't find any bundles?! I went to walmart online and found bundles on the elite that come with extra control live and a game for about 550, but I'm a very impulsive guy, once I have my xbox money in hand I...
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    xbox 360 component vs hdmi.

    Any experience from some of you with your 360's at component video vs. hdmi? What were the notable differences? I'm not about to blow a hundred bucks on a switcher and cables to hook it up along side my PS3, so I'm considering just using my next set of components for the 360 instead. Any...
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    I'll be joining the green side soon - help me.

    Alright, so within a few weeks or so I'll be a multiconsole owner, I'm coming across a few bucks and I'll be dedicating $500 towards a new Xbox. I need some help though, all these SKU's are bugging me out, so help me choose the right one with the right games. Last time I asked about this I got...
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    Safehouse? More than one?

    Hey guys, is there more than one safehouse? How do I get them out on to my map? How do I show all the diners / bars / clubs in the map? By visiting them only?
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    Gta 4 - Gamestop 20% Additional Trade In Value

    Tried searching to see if this was posted and I couldn't find it. I don't usually start threads but I think this is pretty good information. If it's already posted then delete please. GameStop is adding 20% to all trade in games that you put toward GTA, plus 10% if you have the EDGE card. I...
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    What is GameSharing?

    What the hell is it? I can play a game on my system and another PSP can run it too?
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    Steam account on ebay question.

    I have a Steam account that I do not use at all anymore. I want to put it up on eBay but I'm not too sure if it's against their policies. I can't find any others but a quick google shows that some accounts have sold. I would rather take some up to date advice if possible from you guys. It's...
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    Army of Two - partner needed.

    This game isn't all too popular or something but I'm having a hard time finding someone to play co-op with online. So, if anyone out there enjoys this game as I am and is up for some co-op, let me know. PSN: noethix P.S - This game is pretty badass.
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    Enchanted - Movie Talk!

    This sleeper hit seems to get great scores across the board on highdefdigest, I have yet to see the movie. I just impulse bought it yesterday while at Walmart buying an easter cake for my little ones daycare egg hunt. I'm sure some of you have seen it, what are your thoughts? Anyone have it on...
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    What do you guys do for work? Hobbies?

    I'm curious what some of you do as an occupation, obviously a lot of you are students but some of you aren't. What do you guys do for fun, hobbies? If this has been done sorry, I'm just curious. :mrgreen: I work for a Logistics company, I basically do nothing, just overlook a few accounts...
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    Just got Rock Band - question.

    I just got this game last night and my wife and I rocked it out a little bit and we loved it. I have a few questions though. Is the six axis the only way to connect the mic? (this was fun as ****!) The list of songs seems to only have a few available: Radiohead, Garbage, Nirvana. There might...
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    Troy fans?

    Personally I love all these epic movies (Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, etc.), and I just "amazoned" Troy Directors Cut blu ray, and i'm ecstatic for when it finally gets here. (Two weeks since I got free shipping bundled with I Am Legend). I can't wait to see Achilles and the Myrmidons cause...
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    How about a fitness sub forum?

    A Nutrition & Fitness sub forum to the General Chit Chat area would be a noble addition! No?
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    5th Element movie.

    I just saw this movie few nights ago, isn't this movie supposed to be a majorly awesome movie? I thought it was alright, it was JUST entertaining, LuLu was great. The actual Blu ray seemed meh at best too. Something I missed?
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    Aquos? A few tv questions.

    Hey guys, I'm doing research into a new t.v for our living room and well I've been eyeing those Sharp Aquos 52 inchers. It's 1080p for $2400, is this a steal? Reading reviews of the T.V everyone seems incredibly satisfied with it. I also have a comparison question, I see some of you have DLP...