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    Who is still about?

    It's been many years since I joined this site. I saw the rise and fall but I'm by no means the longest here. Anyone else from the glory days still about?
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    Tapatalk help

    Hi all, Tapatalk is now awful but what's really annoying is I can only see about 10 unread posts. Is there a setting im unaware of
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    Digital receiver or..

    Sorry, I'm a total noob at this. I'm sick of having to swap phono leads over to listen to my Sky/PS3 through my Logitech PC speakers. What I believe I need is a unit of some sort that I can connect via the optical digital out on my Samsung TV, and then connect my speakers/ PS3/SKY/Wii U into...
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    Does Vita have 'true' multiplayer?

    As in not limited to local when you have someone within 5 foot of you, I'm on WIFI and I can play with people online like I do my PS3, no having to download weird apps to try and get it to work (iirc on PSP had to get some party thing to play Monster Hunter, think term was ADHOC). Seen a good...
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    Mario Kart 7

    So a few of us own this game so lets play. I have created a community 29-7039-9541-6210. It is set to 150CC GP but we can create 8 communities in total to cater for other modes. I know we're all in different time zones so it's unlikely we'll ever play but no harm in trying. I know we have friend...
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    Free Razor Through Facebook - Only 5k Like - Sign Up - Unlike - Wait. Free is good. Inb4 UK only that sucks.
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    Worst birthday ever

    I don't care about my birthday but this one has not gone well. Starts off with mother trying to kiss me, I hate physical contact at the best of times (excluding you know what) so grabbing my face is not a good idea. I panicked and told her to go away because she was being weird (irony) and she...
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    Help finding a game

    No no, not a suggest a game to me thread. A while back I read about an XBL Arcade games that was very very highly praised, I only remember it was black and white and possibly an indie game too. Only scene I remember was a guy in a boat... Anyone have an idea?
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    Just to clear something up

    Lose: Loose: kthxbai
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    Trying to remember a film

    Literally I saw this 5+ years ago and it was just a small part. All I remember is it was an American Football game (not sure if it was mock NFL or what) and this guy was on the offensive line and as he went running forward he took a gun out his sock and started shooting the oncoming players.
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    Is Nate Dogg Really Dead?

    So many conflicting reports.
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    I met god on a train

    Not sure how many have read this but I thought it was amazing. What I love is the fact that who knows, it could be true. Maybe it's just passed as a work of fiction to help us understand. If you can be bothered to read post your thoughts. Text in spoiler and direct link. Probs best to read...
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    Is this possible?

    I'm a total noob when it comes to any kind of networking. My PC is connected via ethernet to my router. My PS3 is connected to this same router via wireless. Can I make use of the media center functionality to copy stuff over from my PC to my PS3? Not interested in streaming, I just CBA to...
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    Screenshot Thread (spoilers for larger image sets)

    I'll get it started, what looks like quite a big ship and then when I zoom out. X3 Reunion max settings.
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    Sim City 4 Deluxe for 0.09p
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    Worms 2

    I'm after the gold MP trophies. If anyone else wants too let me know and we can get them. Although tbh I have no idea how you invite someone
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    New PSP

    Hi all, After a pointless purchase of a go I decided I want an older PSP do I can play roms of my already owned snes games. I guess I want a 3000 as its newest but what firmware am I looking for to enable me to run my emulator?
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    Cruise Ship Internal CCTV

    During heavy storm. Funniest part is the woman who faceplants into a pillar. Hopefully nobody died though.
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    Help finding a game

    Can't find this WII game in any shops :|
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    Help me choose (phone skin)

    Posted in Apple thread but wanted a wider range of opinions. Basically I like these all and I'm going to go with what the majority like. Tell me which of these you like the most if any. I've shortlisted it to this but still cannot make up my mind and others opinion may sway me, obviously...