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    I was @ Gamescom [Move and Kinect thread hehe] [& a few nice games]

    Hey guys don't delete cuz it's about the games themselves and the gamescom forum is gonna be deleted soon so well please. :D Links: ^same, you choose.^ ok...i got pics. u want pics? i upload soon. ummm...ima list some of the games i played and...
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    Ratchet and Clank All 4 One [RCA41] [ANNOUNCED] Official Thread

    Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One announced. ...has a trailer: not to be expected as a new RCF title. Proof here: [Official IG Newsletter] Resistance 3...
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    Dragonfly's sig request! [R.I.P. my avy]

    Hey guys. it's time for a sig request again! Theme either: -ModNation Racers with this logo included: [and Dragonfly on it] or -Rain falling onto a street or -A very nice beach, idyllic landscape...
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    ModNation Racers Official PSU Clubhouse [SACKBOY CODE GIVEAWAY!] [SIGN UP!]

    Official Thread Join the ModNation Racers Clubhouse for epic fun! Links to get here: Thread: OP: Hey guys. Thought I'd give you a little preview of the more and more popular game ModNation Racers. Later this thread will be used as an...
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    How fast is your internet?

    Just wanted to open a poll to see what the "PS3F average i-net speed" is :D Ima get 16.000 kbps in a few days. That's gonna be awesome :DD
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    [DF.] Dragonfly's Clan - Recruiting for KZ3

    Dragonfly's KILLZONE 3 Clan Is awesome...JOIN! for the lazy people! lol! Message of the day: 1. Let's do this! Universal [DF.] clan for all Dragonfly clanny games! 2. Link for spreading the awesomeness: 3. KZ3 BETA clan tag is...
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    Fastest Media Player for windows xp?

    hey guys i'm really sick of wmp being slow as hell and having laggy videos. can anyone tell me whats the fastest free media player you can get is? it should have a small size for install if possible. i heard winamp is quite good :confused:
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    Would you describe yourself as a nerd?

    hey guys. this thread is not to humiliate people ... but it's actually interesting how many people admit it or how many people say that they are even thought they're not. In case someone sais he is, please don't say anything negative. It's their opinion, how they would describe theirselves.
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    PSN error 80710723/80710B23 what can i do?

    hey guys i've tried getting online with my ps3 which usually worked fine and quite fast and now i keep getting this error 80710723 internet connection test: Obtain IP address: Success Internet Connection: Failed I'm quite pee'd cuz i just got a few new pre-order codez. help appreciated soooo...
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    Dragonfly's sig request. Ratchet and Clank and WET [WINR4R=Kingin326]

    hai guys i wanna sig with either Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time stuff or WET. It should be sub size and...uh, yeah it should be cool :cool: Here are some Ratchet and Clank pix u can use but u don't have 2. Ratchet and Clank...
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    New sub username you like it?

    Tbh, i don't really like the yellow. the sub username looks so cheesy now and the blue was so cool. let's just have a poll where you can vote for colors. but first, suggest some colors. it's just for fun and maybe, if you wanna we can ask an admin to give us the color if another one won. the...
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    PS3Forums WET Thread

    hey guys, I played the WET demo today and I thought i should share with you, that the game is just friggin amazing! Post your thoughts about the game here! Video:
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    Dragonfly's sig request. New sub sig!

    hey guys. I've subscribed today and i'd like a sub size sig. I don't have any wishes for a theme. 1500sp [all i have atm] go to the winner and rep to all who make a sig. Thanx and feel free to ask any questions.
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    PS3F background in Pink. WTF?! :D

    look at this, my ps3f looked like that for 10 mins today: can't PS3F make it optional instead of making it girly immediately? :snicker _________________________ and this happened about half an hour after that: [i didn't say that the sig isn't nice.]
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    Dragonfly's KILLZONE 2 CLAN [Recruiting.]

    Dragonfly KILLZONE 2 Clan Message of the day: 1. Clan battle soon. New members too. AND userbars! Be excited! 2. We need a time for our 1st clan battle! Post the time here! 3. Clan match wasn't accepted by challenged clan. 4. Clan match probably this friday 21:00 GMT. 5. Clan match cancelled by...
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    Good FULL HD TV for my PS3 Dragonfly

    well, i need a tv. it should have full hd [1080p] and it should have about 40" or 42". I need help cause i heard that many tvs have problems with ps3 games [like fancy problems with the resolution, crazy shapes and so on] can somebody plz help me out? thx in advance and rep to everyone who helps.
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    Spyro The Dragon Thread

    hey, my The Legend Of Spyro: The Eternal Night game came a few days ago. I ordered it on amazon cause no shop had it. I felt so bad not having all the spyro games cause i was so into spyro before. DF IS SO HAPPY NOW!!!! My next target is The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon . My...
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    PSN Store w/o Credit Card?!

    I'd like to know if you can buy stuff from Playstation store without having a credit card. rep for help. :help
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    1. April fools thread

    i thought i could make a thread like this just to save the other threads from bad stuff like ps3 games that wont come out, malware links or just annoying crap. here you can post all funnyy, stupid or just cool 1st april things.
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    Dragonfly's sig request [R.I.P. my avy]

    hey, i am looking for a sig. :lol: Size: 500x120 px Border: none cause me will be making my own. Theme: anything cool but if ya have no idea just use killzone [no isa, helghast!] or some epic stuff like...ummm....peace signs, spyro, two and a half men or teh dancing banana^^ or maybe a grue...