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    10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

    Source I do like the first one, the trailer looks good for this. There's an embedded video at the source which works, watch it there until YouTube sorts itself out.
  2. D - Star Wars PS4 Bundle Lightening Deal (ends at 6pm)

    Just seen this over at Amazon and thought I'd give this deal a share.
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    Now TV App Problems

    Does anyone else here use it? Before it got updated recently I found it would just not respond a lot, so I'd have to keep pressing 'X' for a minute or something stupid to get a show to start. And now, with the recent update - though it looks much prettier - pressing 'O' to exit out of a show...
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    The Gamechangers (the BBC film about Rockstar/GTA) Trailer + Air Date It's going to be on - Tuesday 15 September, 9.00pm-10.30pm, BBC TWO A little more about it:
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    DOOM E3 Teaser Trailer Short but sweet. Though not so sweet is - does this mean the Bethesda's E3 showcase won't be about Fallout 4???? :'(
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    Get a Free MGS: V Decal with OPM in the UK Pretty cool, I'll pick up a copy - not sure if I'll use it though.
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    [Fast and] Furious 7 - Official Trailer

    Couldn't see a thread about it. So here it is. I think it looks pretty good. And I wonder how they're going to handle the Paul Walker situation. I can't remember if they had finished filming when it happened.
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    The Official PS4 Deals Thread

    UK | Driveclub - £24 - Amazon, £25 - Game UK | The Crew - £24.99 - Amazon
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    Siblings - BBC 3 Comedy

    From the adverts I was a bit sceptical and as BBC 3 is really hit and miss with its comedies, but having watched some it's pretty good. Doesn't hurt that the main lady is super pretty <3.
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    UK | The Crew - £24.99 at Amazon/Game

    It's also the same for Xbox One. Amazon | Game Buy yourself a little Christmas present.
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    Apparently the Rapture is Upon Us Again

    This is a blog post I've just read at And before anyone gets upset, this is just about how fucking funny this is. It's not meant to be a comment on religion.
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    Kayne West is such a fucking dick Source: And don't give me, he didn't know they disabled!! He fucking stops a song until everyone is standing... who the fuck does...
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    9-Year-Old Girl Accidently Shoots, Kills Gun Instructor With Uzi

    WARNING - The video at the bottom literally cuts off milliseconds before the incident - WARNING Source: 'MURICA.
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    Facebook testing 'satire' tag. Because people are stupid.

    Source: The thing is, the people that don't get satire news stories, are the same people that won't get what satire means...
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    Fish Plays Pokémon

    Yes, it is how it sounds. Remember Twitch plays pokémon, now it's a fish doing it. And this is from the Current Progress part of the info:
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    Xbox One Kinectless SKU Coming To UK As Well - £349

    Source: Got an email from Game, I assume other sites will be doing the same. It's a Microsoft pricedrop, not just a Game thing.
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    Playstation Now Beta - Leaked Video

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    Thirteen Minutes and Thirty Seven Seconds of Stand Up

    I very much enjoyed. Hope you do too.
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    Everything We Know About Watch_Dogs | IGN

    I'd click through to source, as it has the videos nice and easy to watch. - Source: A good article to get up to speed on just about everything...
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    Possible Driveclub Release Date

    Source: Definitely would be a good announcement to close the show. Like when MS announced the 360 slim was going on sale the day after their speech, makes the whole speech...