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    Sony in talks with publishers for cross buy promotions

    Well you have to think that most people don't want to spend $100 just to get the game on ps3 and vita. So they shouldn't be losing too much money.
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    Why don't you want to buy Vita?

    Too much money for me, waiting for a price drop before I'll get one. But I want one really bad
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    The offical PS Vita unboxing video!

    Was that an Uncharted demo and he played dynasty warriors instead....? Crazy Japanese lol
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    Black or White?

    White matte would be awesome.... really hard to decide, already have a white evo and it seems a little flashy.
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    High NGP Pricing Hinted at By Jack Tretton?

    I'm expecting this $350 or under idk if I can afford any higher right now :/
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    NGP to be undisputed king of killer mobile gaming (says Epic Games)

    It's good to see a big developer like Epic supporting the NGP like this though.
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    Rumour: PSP2 Priced at $299

    I don't consider this bad at all... It's the same as a 32gb iTouch.
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    David Jaffe talks about NGP

    He had so many other ways to go about saying that lol.
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    PSP2: Sony NGP hands-on and portable market analysis

    Still at $300 the NGP would be more worth it than $250 for the 3DS.... but I'd never buy a 3DS at even $150.
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    Hands On With The NGP's Brand-New Uncharted, And A Deviant Surprise

    Does anyone else not like the touch pad idea?
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    Official black ops hardened edition price?

    Does any know the official hardened edition price or anything on the 4 bonus maps?
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    Can anyone help out with a Killzone sig?

    I'm trying to make a KZ sig but i can't figure out what to use as a background, I've been using the KZ3 cover art but I'm new to photoshop and haven't had luck on the background.
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    What Happened to PSU supporting the PSP too??????

    I haven't noticed this until today but PSU used to have a lot more on the PSP in the forums and on the home page. But these both seem to have disappeared.