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  1. Thegamingdwarf

    Photo/Photoshop Question

    I have a photograph where I need to turn the whole picture black and white, but keep one object in colour. I was wondering how you do this? I'm not new to photoshop, but I'm also no expert, so any advice would be great (+ rep worthy). An excellent example of what I'd like to do is sparc's P.C.M...
  2. Thegamingdwarf

    The Punisher: No Mercy PSN Screenshots

    This game was announced at the end of last year, where they showed off a short trailer and announced that it was a download only title. So far it has only been announced for PSN (no release date) and I just noticed, thanks to Twitter, that Marvel had released some new screen shots...
  3. Thegamingdwarf

    What are you currently downloading?

    I know a lot of people that set downloads going on their PS3 and then leave it to go and do something else, possibly visit this forum. So, what are you downloading from the PSN store right now? I currently have the FFXIII Trailer and FEAR 2 Demo downloading.
  4. Thegamingdwarf

    Any News on EU Video Store?

    Thread title says it all really; has anything been said on an EU release of the PSN video store? It seems like ages ago since it was announced and released for the US, and then nothing has been said since. +rep for anyone that knows anything :).
  5. Thegamingdwarf

    Discussion Question: What would have happened if the DS failed?

    I Just wanted to post this question to see if we could get a discussion going on what the industry would be like today if the Nintendo DS had been a sales and media failure? I mean, I was thinking about how the industry has developed from that point onwards. I don't think we'd have the Wii...
  6. Thegamingdwarf

    Artistic Help/Opinion Needed

    Its coming to the end of the college term, and all of a sudden i find myself in abit of a pickle with my Art project that needs to be finished. I'm currently studying art at AS Level, and basically the way things are organised means you do one project up until around february, stop that and then...
  7. Thegamingdwarf

    Sega essentially aquires Platinum Games

    Not sure where to put this article, but in a games section seems sensible. Brief summary after the quote: Page 1 Page 2 Original Source: EDGE Magazine Posted on: Summary Sega are a...
  8. Thegamingdwarf

    Ninja Theory Developing a Brand New Game/IP?

    Interestingly enough, i was browsing wikipedia when i stumbled across a link for the Ninja Thoery website. I clicked the link to have a look; low and behold, brand new concept art downloads. There is nothing offcial, but here is what is on the website (i hope this hasn't been posted by the...
  9. Thegamingdwarf

    Moving/transitioning the Technology section

    The Technology section in PS3Forums seems abit, how do I put this... Dead. I was about to post a thread in the section about the D6 conference going on this week (All Things Digital), but then decided against it because I had major reservations about how much traffic that thread would recieve...
  10. Thegamingdwarf

    Best Buy: 2008 release dates...

    Please take it as you will, but i couldn't find anything on the search like this (even if the search is still rubbish :|) and as the article says, its all speculation, most likely to be best estimates, but enjoy...
  11. Thegamingdwarf

    Nintendo Leaked Release Schedule Sounds like quite a good set of releases, still abit kid orientated for my liking. I have yet to find a Wii to buy, but when i do, i will be sure to pick it up, even if its just for Mario Galaxy. Although i'm not sure how "good" good...
  12. Thegamingdwarf

    Eye of Judgement + PSEye = $60!

    Sources: PS3Fanboy Price sounds excellent to me, especially for the technology, but that seems to be Sony's tack these days, so lets hope they advertise this a bit better first...
  13. Thegamingdwarf

    Joystiq PSP V2 Hands on "Significantly better!" + Gamespot impressions + 15 changes

    Joystiq Hands on This is argueably, as with the DS Lite, what the original PSP should have been upon launch, and although Sony seems to be going the way of Nintendo's "mini improvements" system, i can't say i really mind...
  14. Thegamingdwarf

    New to C4D Renders, Please Help

    I've recently got back into photoshop, as some of you know due to teh recent postings here, and i've been looking into C4D's for some time, and finally decided to download some from deviant art to see what they are like. However i'm having some problems, mainly because i don't have much of a...
  15. Thegamingdwarf

    Another "Home" Interview... But more informative This interview was just posted on ThreeSpeech today, admittedly its kind of late to be posting a GDC interview with Phil Harrison at this later date, but i personally found it more enlightening than most. You may also want to skip past the porn questions, the...
  16. Thegamingdwarf

    GCSE Graphic Design Project (iTunes Window Display)

    Hey all, Here is my graphic design project based on iTunes its taken me a good 8 to 9 months to complete (from initial sketches to final product), all your comments and feedback are very much appreciated (good and bad) as i am doing my evaluation at the moment and thats the main reason i'm...
  17. Thegamingdwarf

    Funny R&C tid bits from PS3Fanboy

    Via: And the bolded is why i love insomniac so much, great sense of humour!
  18. Thegamingdwarf

    UK retail stores praise supply chains ahead of launch

    Via: Looks more promising, especially the bolded bit.
  19. Thegamingdwarf

    PSN Username search?

    Just a quick thought, since more and more people will be coming onto the forum due to buying a PS3, or more people will be going onto PS3 due to the forum, and since the forum now has a decent PSN ID bar for each member, i was wondering if it would be possible/good to implement a PSN ID search...
  20. Thegamingdwarf

    Analyst: Changes on Horizon for PSP? (Not about the redesign, sorta) I found this really interesting, there basically seems to be a big contradiction between whats going to happen, whether it be a redesign or a price cut, or maybe a merge of the two ideas. Don't flame me for thinking this, but i think it is...