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    PS Vita Questions

    Got around 20 to 25 games on my card at least 6 are full card titles. few albums of music and around 4 gb left.
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    Xperia phone owners free SEN credit.

    OK guys for anyone who owns an Xperia go into settings or apps go to update center and download an app called Xperia Privilege run it enter your email connected to your SEN account wait for email get Sen code for over £20 epic. Tested on an Xperia Z in Uk not sure which others it works on but...
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    Next Vita Incoming? 4G, HDMI, more

    I care for games, cost drops not outputs and 4G.
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    uncharted golden abyss worth it.

    Loved it, it was one of the first games i played on my Vita needless to say i was amazed.
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    Next Vita Incoming? 4G, HDMI, more

    Like most have said bit pointless at the mo needs a bigger install base and a shed load more games then we can talk hardware revisions.
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    Soul Sacrifice Coming in April!

    Well god damn cant wait for this. Really hope it turns out a good game.
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    any body ever buy a used vita i found a good deal

    Does sound nice deal, im very happy the battery given the usage and screen.
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    Famitsu: 64% of Gamers plan to buy Vita this year

    Would be nice for Sony if these polls could materialize into actual sales imo they deserve to do well with the Vita.
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    Black Ops: Declassified - Feel like a sucker?

    The reviews and talk on these forums put me off this one and by the sound of things it was for the best.
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    Wonder what this could mean ?

    Just found this on the web hopefully its the start of a new Batman game for next Gen. I know the link says film but given the name im thinking more game.
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    Do you own a PS Vita?

    Day one for me and loving every min well when i get chance.
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    PDP Vita case - Triggers. With Pics.

    Looks great ive seen a few cheap ones of these in Agros and Ebay but this one looks really nice.
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    Vita PS+ Store items NOW AVAILABLE

    Just checked not seeing any Mortal Kombat yet will try again later. ...................Damn just read on the EU blog its been moved to friday for anyone who interested.
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    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Reviews

    Exactly downloaded demo to find its not for me never been onto card games yet i always try them dunno why lol.
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    Vita PS+ Store items NOW AVAILABLE

    Think were getting MK next week.
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    Best Puzzle Game of the Year

    I went with Escape Plan just for the fact i aint tried any others yet.
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    'Lemmings' releases free on PS Vita

    Cheers for that loved old lemmings and was free Rep+
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    What memory card do you have?

    32GB and an 8GB still need more, Bigger cards already.
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    3G all the way for me same with all hardware i but tho. plus getting the 3G gave me a free Wipeout code so was worth while for me
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    Vita PS+ Store items NOW AVAILABLE

    Correct but for me It's not a problem a year's sub is the price of one game so I'm happy Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2