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    What Do You Work At?

    Not sure if something like this was posted up here before but sure i'll start anyway. Even though we are going through a very bad economic climate were a lot of people dont have jobs, i was just wondering about the people who are fortunate to have a job and what is it that you do? So, as the...
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    Games with "Zombies" in them!!!!

    Why is it that there are a lot of games in recent years being released with Zombies in them? This is NOT a thread to slate Zombie games. I just want to see what other people think on all this "Zombie Craze" that seems to be digging its claws into the gaming world very regular this past while...
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    Sly Cooper Games.

    Anyone else play these games? Decided to post a thread on this since i just started playing Sly 2:Band Of Thieves yesterday. I downloaded the 1st game free from the PS Store a good while ago and got the Platinum trophy on it. I then seen that the trilogy package was for sell for €12 on the store...
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    Got my 2nd Platinum trophy last night.

    Now, i'm not one for going for Platinum trophies in games on the PS3 but i did get my 2nd Plat trophy last night in Saints Row:The Third. Is was a very easy plat trophy to get i thought. However, i did have to get a mate to help me out a wee bit in Co-Op mode to get the last 2 "Hard...
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    "Convoy" the film.

    Just watched this last night for the 1st time. What a class film. Anyone else enjoy it? Here it's here in full:<object width="560" height="315"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="315"...
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    Wrc 2011

    Anyone else get this game? I rented this out yesterday and as much as its a good game to play, the graphics and sound in the game are fucking horrible. When you're driving around it looks like the car is a couple of mm off the ground and the sound of the car back firing sounds as if there is a...
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    Dues Ex: Human Revolution.

    Anyone else play this game. I rented this game out today and i cant get my head around it. I was playing it for a good few hours today and just cant get into the game at all. I have the game untill Thursday but i can see myself leaving it back tomorrow. There seems to be a lot to take in.
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    Name the games/series that they should stop making.

    As the title says, what games/series do you think that they should stop making. No 1 for me would have to be the Call Of Duty games. They should of stopped that game after MW2 IMO. Assassins Creed. The next instalment of this game should be the last. As much as i dont like to say this but i...
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    God Of War Collection Volume 2. (I've been robbed)

    Only noticed today that GOW Collection V2 is on the PS Store for €29.99. I pre-ordered this game in my local Gamestop last week and the price in there is €39.99. I put €10 off as a deposit. It's released tomorrow here in Ireland. If i had of known it was gonna be on the Store i would of got it...
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    God Of War Origins Trophy Question.

    I was just wondering there would God Of War Origins have new trophies to get in GOW 1,2 and 3. I have God Of War Collection and have GOW3 aswell. I have got a lot of the trophies in them games. Will GOW Origins have other trophies to get in 1,2 and 3 that arent in the previous games? Or, will...
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    Perrysburg, Ohio, USA.

    Anybody from around here able to tell me what this place is like? I work for a worldwide multinational company and here in Ireland a notice went up yesterday on the notice board in work. They are looking for a temporary worker to go over to the factory in Ohio, USA from now untill the end of...
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    How often do you play the PS3 daily?

    How often do you play the PS3 daily? 0-60 mins. 1+ hour. 2+ hours. 3+ hours. 4+ hours. 5+ hours.
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    Recycle Bin on Desktop.

    I've somehow managed to erase/delete the Recycle Bin from my desktop. All i was trying to do was to move it to another part of the screen and then it just disappeared off the screen totally. I remember doing something like this months ago but cant figure out on how i got the Recycle Bin back up...
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    The "Man Cold".

    For 10 days now i am suffering from the dreaded "Man Cold". Is there no end to this pain that i'm going through??? Women just dont know the extent of how bad this Man Cold affects us men. NO, it's not just a cold. It's the Man Cold. This is how bad it can get at times...
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    Do you keep games or trade them in?

    As the title says, Do you keep the games you buy or do you trade them in after you finish the game? I personally trade games in after i clear them, unless it's a game that i would normally play online so i will keep them for a lot longer. But there's not many games out there that i'll play...
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    Photo of a rainbow.

    I'm just after taking this pic there of a rainbow that was directly in front of my house. The pic doesnt do it any justice. It just looked so amazing in real life that i had to get a pic of it. Quality isnt great.
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    Could someone make me a sig please???

    Would anyone be so kind to make me sig please. I'm looking for a sig based on God Of War. I was thinking of maybe having a pic of Kratos' head on either left or right side and the words Gow Of War on the opposite. I'd like if "God Of War" was just like it is on the cover of the games. Sorry...
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    New Clan now recruiting for Black Ops matches.

    Lads, a new Clan website for PS3 users has just being started in the last couple of weeks if anyone wants to join if you're interested. Its called The 6IX Clan. The link is below. We hope to get a fair few new members so we can have some clan matches in Black Ops and any other good games...
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    New Irish Clan Forum. (Irish Wolf Hounds).

    Lads, a new Clan website for PS3 users has just being started in the last couple of days if anyone wants to join if you're interested. Its called Irish Wolf Hounds. The link is below. We hope to get a fair few new members so we can have some clan matches in the new COD game coming out and any...
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    My dog having fun.

    I made this video today while i was drinking out in the back garden. It's a video of my dog having some fun with his blanket. Make sure you have the sound on for this video. YouTube- FUNNY ****,FUNNY BLOOPERS,DOG RIDES BLANKET.