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    BO's 1st Map Pack 4 MP maps & 1 zombie pack. Looks live they've added a collapsible bridge as well as zip lines. That's pretty cool, but I won't be buying it unless they fix the connection problems.
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    The Fight: Lights Out ONLINE

    First off, let me say that if you are going to play The Fight online, FIGHT LIKE YOU HAVE A PAIR! Only maybe 1 out of 5 fights that I finally connected to did people actually FIGHT, and not have some hack or glitch that they were abusing. I don't know how people are doing it & I don't want...
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    It's Getting Better

    2 straight mornings after work I got in a mini-session and it was mostly lag free. Not many WTFWTFS!!!!!! moments. The party system still blows, but being able to play without teleporting and getting knifed by ghosts makes the game much more enjoyable. 700,000+ were just online and it was...
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    M14 broken online?

    Anybody have any issues with the M14 in multiplayer? If I fire off 3-4 rapid fire shots, it stops firing for a couple seconds before it lets me shoot again. I thought it may have been a glitch with the red dot, but it did it to me with the iron sights as well.
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    MW2, so long...

    You were like the hot psycho girlfriend. At first, I was so excited when you came along. I couldn't wait to get a hold of you and play with you all day, everyday. Things were so great in the beginning. Chopper Gunners, AC-130s, Bling, the was all so new & wild. Then the flaws...
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    Improved PS Eye?

    So I went to Best Buy today in hopes of getting the MOVE early. No luck for me, but I was talking with the sales rep about picking it up on release day. He was trying to sell me on the starter pack & I was like, "Yeah, but I'll probably just get a couple controllers & SportsChampions." And...
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    MOVE Precision Shot 3

    I finally found the 'gun accessory' that I've been waiting on for the MOVE. Check it out here: It's the basic pistol layout with the front grip that can fold out where...
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    Help! Please! BlackMagic Intensity Pro

    I tried searching for an old thread on this card, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Anybody have this installed and running on their PS3? I cannot for the life of me get a capture image from the software or through the card and to my monitor. I have it setup with component cables to the...
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    Did you know?

    I decided to compile a bunch of interesting facts about the weapons in multiplayer from the game. All the info compiled is from and was found on this page: I've cherry picked the most useful...
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    Epic PWNAGE!

    I thought this was worthy of its own thread just because I had so much fun... OK, so I started playing Sabotage (my favorite mode from COD4) to complete some challenges. I jump into a game in progress in Afghan and the other team is dropping Emergency Airdrops one after another. Most players...
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    Sig Tutorials for Photoshop

    I was curious if anybody had any decent tutorials to make some nice sigs in Photoshop? Thanks and +rep for the help!
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    Shooting down enemy air support with the Predator

    Anybody else love doing this? It costs me a kill or 3, but I don't have to worry about switching classes. I love dropping a harrier or chopper from above.
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    Get your Nuke!

    After having a chance to play with all the killstreaks via care packages and a few unlocks, I think I know how to achieve the vaunted Nuke. The trick will be to get to your first kill streak reward and then proceeding to let air support take care of 90% of the rest. Make sure you find a nice...
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    Does anybody think that scrambler is actually a handicap and not a perk? Anytime I get near an enemy and my UAV starts to fuzz out, I stop and listen, and proceed to hunt them down and kill them. I think the only real effective way to use that perk is if everybody on your team is using it and...
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    Chopper Gunner=Str8 Pwnage

    YouTube- Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay - Team Deathmatch - AC130 and Chopper Gunner Gameplay Wow! I knew there was a reason why I wanted to get in that thing. No overheating and like a minute of just non-stop spraying.
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    Multiplayer Friend's List

    I thought I'd make a thread for people that just want to play multiplayer in ranked matches. I'm gonna break this up by region, because a laggy friend is nobody's friend. Add your PSN ID and which game types you prefer and I'll update the OP with the info and try to group everybody together by...
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    GOW3 Ultimate Edition

    Edit: Oops. Didn't see there was a thread made 5 days ago for this. Close please. Just got an email from Sony. If you preorder from here, you get the demo: Check it out... If you preorder from Amazon, you get...
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    Best PS3 Capture Card on the Market?

    With MW2 ready to release next week, I was thinking about getting a capture card to make some montages. I tried to do a search on Newegg, but I found too much stuff and most people use them to record TV. Anybody have the latest and greatest out there or maybe something that can capture my...
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    Suggest a Killstreak for MW2

    If you Twitter, or Tweet, or whatever it's called, you've got a chance to suggest your own killstreak now on IW's Twitter page. If you've got a good idea, go submit it. So far there's a ton of terrible ideas. Yesterday they revealed the AC130 for the all...
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    Mini-Rant: Pistol Only Matches

    I'm busy trying to unlock the M4 so I can slaughter with my sidearm, so I have joined a few Pistol Only matches to get my QuickDraw ribbon. I'm expecting everybody else in the room is working towards the M4 as well, but NO! Over half the guys in there already have it and either steal kills, or...