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  1. fuzzypumpkins

    I just bought...

    a Panasonic DMC-FZ35. it was tough to pick between this or the sx20 IS, but I liked this one a little better for the RAW images. goin on vacation soon, cant wait to use it. anyone have one or know any tips for shooting with it?
  2. fuzzypumpkins

    Desk Mod

    My laptop was getting too hot so instead of buying a cooling pad, I made my own built-in desk fan. I cut the hole with a dremel and jigsaw. The fan came from a computer build I did a while ago. I wired it to an old usb cable I found. The fan sits a little below the top of the desk surface so...
  3. fuzzypumpkins

    Modern Interior

    Here's an interior I've been working on for a while. I finally finished it after putting it off forever. I rushed some of the individual models in the scene. I might edit some things eventually but I have a bunch of other scenes I want to finish.
  4. fuzzypumpkins

    painting controller again, what color/texture

    I am painting the 360 controller....this is like the third or fourth one I have painted....either for me or a friend. I am sick of just painting simple colors. So what color or texture should I paint it? So far, I have some ideas: 1). First is duplicolor bedliner (i am painting a...
  5. fuzzypumpkins

    Some Konig Rims

    Here are some Konig rims I rendered in 3ds max with vray. I modeled them with inventor. Click the link for the full size.
  6. fuzzypumpkins

    Tablet PC Drawing Software

    What software is out there for tablet pc's and drawing? -Hopefully some that work with vista.
  7. fuzzypumpkins

    Some wallpapers I made...

    I made these today using basic brushes, gradients, etc. This one is just blue.
  8. fuzzypumpkins

    Killzone 2 sub-forum

    Is it time for a killzone 2 sub-forum?
  9. fuzzypumpkins

    NFL Cheerleaders

    What NFL team do you think has the best cheerleader/s? I say it's close between Tampa Bay and San Diego
  10. fuzzypumpkins

    New Tokyo Xtreme Racer?

    Has anyone heard any news about a possible new txr game for ps3 or even xbox? I loved txr0 and even txr3 was good for the ps2. Then import tuner challenge came out for the 360 and I haven't heard anything since. Where are the TXR fans?
  11. fuzzypumpkins

    are you buying pure?

    it looks really fun, i think im going to pick it up. it reminds me of atv offroad fury and that game was awesome
  12. fuzzypumpkins

    Two new socom Confrontation videos

    Ign has two new socom videos up. im not sure i like the sixaxis leaning might have to take some time to get used to
  13. fuzzypumpkins

    SOCOM Confrontation Theme It has 2.4 icon support and includes 3 hd and sd wallpapers. Enjoy.
  14. fuzzypumpkins

    Problem Connecting To The Network

    My ps3 used to always just connect fine whenever I turned it on. Now, it won't connect at all. Under network settings, sometimes it will say ip address failed and sometimes it will say successful, but either way the store and browser will not work. And it wont load my friends list either. At...
  15. fuzzypumpkins

    ps store messed up

    my ps store doesnt work. sorry if already posted, but when i go to the store, and hit x, nothing happens. I have to press circle to get out of it. I got a new monitor and want to download some 1080p trailers. gnight.
  16. fuzzypumpkins

    some rims

    I made these in inventor and rendered them with 3ds max and vray. im new to vray so here it is:
  17. fuzzypumpkins

    psn schedule leaked?

    i dont know if this is old or not, so here it is anyways so home could be sony's big announcement at e3?
  18. fuzzypumpkins

    cool boarders

    I just started playing cool boarders 2 the other day.....that game is awesome! I forgot you can design your own board and go to the board park. I hope they make a next gen cool boarders
  19. fuzzypumpkins

    the getaway

    What happened to this game? I haven't heard anything about it since I saw the trailer about 3 years ago. Is there any new news about it?
  20. fuzzypumpkins

    playstation 3 kid

    nevermind already posted....delete this