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    Xperia phone owners free SEN credit.

    OK guys for anyone who owns an Xperia go into settings or apps go to update center and download an app called Xperia Privilege run it enter your email connected to your SEN account wait for email get Sen code for over £20 epic. Tested on an Xperia Z in Uk not sure which others it works on but...
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    Wonder what this could mean ?

    Just found this on the web hopefully its the start of a new Batman game for next Gen. I know the link says film but given the name im thinking more game.
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    Vita gets Playstation mobile !

    Just turned on the vita and found a new section of games to download off the store, its been along time coming but hey its hear now
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    Vita Wipeout Vodafone

    Ok so been looking around still undecided which model to go for 3g of wifi. Does anyone Know the exact deal with the Wipeout 3g deal cause i spoke to a guy in Vodafone that said the vita would need to be brought from there stores to qualify and when i spoke to the guy in Game he just looked at...
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    Blinking green slim (Now fixed ?)

    Ok guys done a search cant see this covered. i got a slim only a month old and it wont shut down correctly the screen goes black all the indication lights go off and the power light just flashes. Then if i try to turn it back on the pads don't work and i have to reset the slim (holding power...
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    Wipeout Fury this week. see it posted yet but fury expansion pack will be released this week. cant wait for this myself £7.99 the price. info on eurogamer or euro blog if people wanna read(Cant get links to work). Edit link added.
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    Classic soundtrack for Wipeout HD

    Hey guys just flicking through my oldskool collection and came across a few ps1 wipeout games thought i give em a quick blast to get a feel for HD (when they get round to dropping it) so in they went had a good hour or so of classic gaming and came to notice under the music section of the cross...