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    The PS Vita Price Thread

    Here's another deal for you guys: Zavvi's Ebay Outlet are selling the PS VITA WI-FI + Uncharted all for £225! Check it out:
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    The PS Vita Price Thread

    Nice deal, sadly, none of those games interest me, also, that memory card is way too small. So I'll be sticking with the HMV bundle, and pick up a separate 16GB from somewhere. Then after a few months, import a used 32GB from the US.
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    2 more days bitches!

    Gahh, I have to wait for the 22nd! Must.. have.. it.. NAOOOOOO!
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    3G vs Wifi Only

    I was a Wi-FI man ever since they announced the prices of the two. BUT.. as time went on.. more and more people were telling me how it's future proof. Then the thought came to my head that the 3G version will get alot more stuff in the future! And what if Sony allow us to play online via 3G in...
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    The PS Vita Price Thread

    This is the one I've pre-ordered my self! Bargain if you ask me, it's like getting the 3G version for the price of the WI-FI version! A little more info on the offer: The same offer can be found with the WI-FI version: Wi-Fi VITA + Uncharted OR FIFA all for £230! Also, you have to leave a £10...
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    It was at my local GAME also! It was pretty epic, felt like running away with it haha But they didn't have FIFA which is actually a launch title? Really wanted to try out the new shooting methods! Ahh well, I'll be checking back on Thursday, I'll et you guys know if they do for those of you who...
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    Join my BF3 Squad? (UK/EU) Maybe US.

    I'm looking for a a little squad as the squads I'm put in are absolute CRAP. I picked up BF3 a few days ago, after playing the beta I was impressed, but I had a huge list of games to go through before I could pick it up, and with the VITA around the corner, I thought it was now or never. Now...
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    Any chance of linking us to those two so I could also buy? :D I would personally love those two products. I agree with what you're saying, but I would love to have a silicon case on the side for long hours of gaming where my hands get a little sweaty. Other than that, it will stay off the VITA.
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    Honestly dude, if you don't travel a heck of alot, a tablet will be useless for you! A netbook/laptop just has so much more to do on them. I recently bought a HP Touchpad around 3 months ago, at first I was using it all day, but around 2 weeks later, I started using my laptop more again. I'll...
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    I really hope the games arn't too large for a memory card, hoping to download a game with my PSN credit.
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    Ahh yes, the games save in the cartridges. Forgot all about that.
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    Won't you atleast need a 4GB for game saves? In the UK, there are already pre-order bundles with a VITA WIFI + Uncharted + 4GB Memory Card. All for ?270. Separately, it would cost 230 + 40 + 10 so you're actually getting a card for free.
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    That accessory pack looks pretty nifty! I would love to get a 32GB, but I think I'll wait until it gets a little cheaper. Are there many multiplayer games on launch in the West? I can't seem to find any, and I love my Multiplayer! :rolleyes:
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    Rumor: Multiplayer Coming To Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    I'll be getting Uncharted and Unit 13 on day one. Uncharted for the awsome gamepaly, and Unit 13 for the multiplayer side of things. I would have gotten Modnation but since it hasn't got online, I'll pass this time. If they do happen to update it, I'll pick up a second hand one as it's not...
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    It's all in the title really, just state the type of VITA you will be getting, the games, and the memory card size + accessories. Here's what I'll be getting on February 22nd: Model: VITA WI-FI, I have no need for the 3G model as you can't really go online with it anyway. Plus, my Droid can...
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    BF3 BETA - Squad Up!!

    It's so hard to find decent players who play BF3, usually they just run around like a headless chicken looking for kills, but instead die easily. Most of my friends are FIFA 12 whores, and I haven't bought the game yet as I want to get the most out of the BF3 Beta. So I was just wondering, if...
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    PSV Release Date Rumours?

    Now I've been hearing that it may release on either 31st of December in NA, or February 28th 2012 also in NA. What are your thoughts?
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    A list of Best 3D games in terms of '3D-ness'?

    Hey there guys, I recently bought my self a 46" 3D Bravia TV, and I've just hooked up my PS3 to it earlier this morning. I was just wondering if you guys know which 3D games I should actually buy, as the only 3D games I have right now are Socom, Black Ops and GT5. I've been downloading demo's to...
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    Which PSVita game will you get?

    (1) Uncharted (2) Fifa 12 (3) CoD
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    Inside the Vita, PSV memory /usb slots shown.

    This is a video demonstrating how to open the slots and also a closer look at the USB port.