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    The WORST Movie you've ever seen!

    there's always a load of best movies/whatever but it'd be fun to see what you guys think is the worst movie you're seen, and why? it can be more than one, but what's the reason? i guess i shall start... PEARL HARBOR you got Ben Affleck winning the battle of britain, then some shitty love story...
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    Is There Room for a Vita in your life?

    i've pretty much given up on portable gaming. if i'm out of town, i'm usually doing something better than video games, or computers for that matter
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    Syphon filter opinions needed

    so i'm feeling very nostalgic. and i would like to get a Syphon filter game. and i mean the Original ones no psp. could you guys help me out and tell me which one you prefer? i played number 2 but don't remember it at all. thanks
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    New Black Sabbath Album and TOUR!

    Sabbath has decided to reunite once again, only this time they are making their first album together in 33 years!! Rick Rubin is Producing it, and they are touring the globe next year and probably 2013!!! i'm as giddy as a schoolgirl. i saw the original lineup in '05 and i was blown away...
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    is anybody playing dead island?

    this game is TITS, i am loving the co-op. once you get the hang of it, its really quite something else. i've been playing for hours and i'm only just about to leave the first area. think of oblivion with a left for dead feel to it. and with less bugs! except it wants to freeze unless i'm the one...
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    like musicals? me neither but i would love to go see this!

    it's called the Book of Mormon written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone from South park. it's basically about missionaries who spread their cheery attitude and love of jesus to some dangerous places!
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    Hands On With The NGP's Brand-New Uncharted, And A Deviant Surprise

    so we are supposed to forget all the regular PSP games we bought? this sounds quite like bull****
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    we lost another Hero this month

    we lost Major Richard Winters. you might remember him from Band of Brothers. he passed away on January 2nd of this year. he was 92 years old
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    don't ever confuse my state again

    i live in Washington. the Real one with the star on the flag. not to be confused with that ****hole D.C. but i was watching redeye last night and discovered this gem on it. eat your heart out D.C.! this one is particularly embarrassing because i...
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    forgot to mention this when i heard about it

    GERMANY has paid off its WWI debt on October 3rd. 92 years later. i thought something like that couldnt be done. especially with what happened 20-some odd years later. neat huh?,1518,720156,00.html
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    the Red CROSS doesn't want to offend anybody basically it says the British Red Cross will not display nativity scenes or Xmas Trees in their windows so they won't offend anybody. particularly muslims. to which prominent muslim leaders themselves said "that's stupid it won't offend...
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    69 years ago today...

    the japanese bombed pearl harbor. forever changing their future as a nation. time to watch a ton of **** on the military channel. anybody have any relatives that were stationed in Hawaii on that day? i have a great uncle, what ship he served on escapes me.
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    Happy thanksgiving

    time to watch football and unbutton the britches... what are you thankful for?
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    let us see who is the best Korea

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    dude makes it possible to listen to lady gaga!

    i despise her but this guy sure made it easier on the ears
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    i was playing sonic adventure. getting all nostalgic and thinking to myself, they need to make another fishing game like sega bass fishing on the dreamcast. they could have a reel attachment somehow to the Move remote, would anyone else play it? me and my buds would play the bass game...
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    it's about time somebody made fun of the awesome shake weight LOLS were had
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    New Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier" August 17th

    apparently its out on the 16th for Europe get the **** out and support the greatest band of all time. you can download the first Single "El Dorado" on their official website. it sounded GREAT live, but what of their songs doesn't ya know?
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    Happy Memorial day

    today is the day we remember the men in the armed forces who served our country to defend our freedoms, i'd just like to give a thank you to Ralph Skadsen, my great uncle who's still alive and well. and to all who never came back home. we will not forget