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    Join my BF3 Squad? (UK/EU) Maybe US.

    I'm looking for a a little squad as the squads I'm put in are absolute CRAP. I picked up BF3 a few days ago, after playing the beta I was impressed, but I had a huge list of games to go through before I could pick it up, and with the VITA around the corner, I thought it was now or never. Now...
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    It's all in the title really, just state the type of VITA you will be getting, the games, and the memory card size + accessories. Here's what I'll be getting on February 22nd: Model: VITA WI-FI, I have no need for the 3G model as you can't really go online with it anyway. Plus, my Droid can...
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    BF3 BETA - Squad Up!!

    It's so hard to find decent players who play BF3, usually they just run around like a headless chicken looking for kills, but instead die easily. Most of my friends are FIFA 12 whores, and I haven't bought the game yet as I want to get the most out of the BF3 Beta. So I was just wondering, if...
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    A list of Best 3D games in terms of '3D-ness'?

    Hey there guys, I recently bought my self a 46" 3D Bravia TV, and I've just hooked up my PS3 to it earlier this morning. I was just wondering if you guys know which 3D games I should actually buy, as the only 3D games I have right now are Socom, Black Ops and GT5. I've been downloading demo's to...
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    PSV Release Date Rumours?

    9th June 2011: I know that what I'm about to show you occurs every time a new console is announced, shopping websites start to stick pre-order dates on the console even before the company has announced a confirmed date. In PSV's case, what I've found so far is this: ShopTo ShopTo are claiming...
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    PS3 Price Cut in the UK?

    We've all heard about the new PS3's landing in the U.S which also come with a price drop. Dropped by $50 so I'm guessing the UK should have one too but there have been no details on it so far? Has anyone got any information on this? As I have a 32 month PS3 FAT 40GB, my first and only PS3...
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    Is Sony's UK customer service number Free?

    I called their old number and they sent me their new one, I remember that their old one that started in 08705, was actually free. But is their new number free? Which is 08447360595. Is this call line free? I really need to call them as I have recently gotten the YLOD and i am DAMN pissed...
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    PS3 3D Question?

    Okay, well its simple. I just need a clear confirmation on this. For the PS3 games to 'work' in 3D, do you HAVE to use a 3D TV from sony? Or will it work on ANY HD screen with a pair of 3D glasses? Its all I want to know, and no one can give me a clear answer? :bang:
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    Where do you get your E3 coverage from?

    Every year when the E3 conference comes around, I look around the internet and happen to find nothing. Have you got any websites on your mind that you will either get a live text feed or an actuall live broadcast from? I would love to know where you go for the E3? Thanks.
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    Halo on the PS3? HOW? =S

    I dont understand, ive just come over from N4G and everyone is saying bungie is creating games for the PS3 now and the Halo after 'Halo Reach' will be multiplatform? Can someone give me the low down? Because Im really confused lol What has activision joining bungie got to do with the PS3? :|
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    Modern Warfare 2 Screenshot Analysis.

    Well, Im not surer if Im meant to post something that's modern warfare 2 in the games section or in the actual post? Lock this if its breaking the forum laws admins.
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    Tell me what you think about my new Modern Warfare 2 Clan Site? Easy to remember site. Just check out the pages on it. And ask me if you want to be a future applicant! :) And remember, you need skill to kill!
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    Killzone 2 Patch 1.24 Now LIVE!

    In a continuing effort to provide support for Killzone 2 Online, and to show you day-1 fans of Killzone that we mean business, we are very happy to announce the upcoming 1.24 patch. This patch is the biggest one yet, and addresses a large number of reported issues, exploits and bugs - but it...
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    New killzone medals discovered! (Hardcore Ranks)

    These are the original images on the server, in a hidden directory. Overview: New medals: Play around with the site, and you'll discover some unknown files. In this screenshot I show the following: Three extra medals never seen in the actual game. The...
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    Photoshop Elements 7?

    Is this the correct software to make signatures? I'm not a fan of CS4 and I'm much better with PE7, but I was just wondering if it's suitable for makings sigs. For example, does it have as many effects for a sig than CS4 does? And what do you guys use?
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    Killzone 2 recieving patch with three new hardcore ranks and much much more!

    On April 22nd at 8AM GMT, Guerrilla Games will release the next game update to their hit First Person Shooter Killzone 2, exclusive for the Playstation3. The primary main aim of patch 1.24 is to enable the released versions of the game to play with Japanese release due on the 23rd of April...
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    Fake guns in M.A.G?

    The guns in the screenshots of M.A.G dont seem to look like they are real. I will analyze each screenshot, I hope this is just the beta or something because I cant play without real guns :( And it will certainly be a factor in the M.A.G vs COD war. Okay, lets crack on. Looks like an MP40...
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    Fifa 09 - Easy 'the purist' trophy. GOLD.

    I have a method of making the gold trophy: The Purist - easy for everyone. We just need dedicated fifa 09 players to look or create a save file which will contain a manager mode that only has one game left, also that none of the games have been skimmed. It will be hard, but possible and...
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    Rumor: Details Revealed of "PSP 3G" **UPDATE**

    Don't get your hopes up, folks, but there is something of a rumor stemming from NeoGAF about the next iteration of the PlayStation Portable, dubbed here in as PSP 3G. David Perry - Producer, SCEA: Also well known as the PSP-4000 or the PSP2, the new PSP model will be called PSP 3G. Unlike...
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    iPhone 3.0 unveiled by Apple.

    Pocket Gamer live blogs the unveiling of the new Apple iPhone 3.0, uncovering minute by minute revalations as to the new direction the popular device is now heading in. The latest gossip hints at cut'n'paste, MMS, push notifications and apps running in the background, a new 32GB iPhone, and...