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    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance keeps bugging & glitching

    Im playing Metal Gear Rising and im at a point of the game when my objective Find the dwarf gekko then you pick it up and connect to it and it walks off in to a different room by going in a vent but then a bug or glitch happens then raiden dies. Has this happend to any of you or any type of...
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    What was your first ever game console

    My first ever game console was the first GameBoy i think i was about 6 years old i loved it and i still got it hehe so what yours
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    If you won the JackPot on the Lottery what would you spend it on

    I'd buy New 500GB PS3 Virgin Media 100MB speed Internet All my favourite games Audi R8 V10 Get parts of my family home repaired Buy high power gas BBguns Get a English Bull Terrier Puppy and other cute pets AlienWare lapop & desktop computer and learn how to be a TOP computer Hacker...
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    What your favourite Black Ops 2 create a class

    My favourite create a class is Primary M8A1 Attachments: Laser Sight & FMJ Secondary Ballistic Knife Perk 1: LightWeight Perk 2: Fast Hands Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning Lethal: Combat Axe Tactical: Black Hat So whats your :)
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    What do you like and dislike

    Things i like: PS3/PSV/PSN Games The Army Force The Police Force Respectable People Some Animals Pool/Snooker Music Eating Eating and more Eating lol Marshal Arts Films Beating Up CHAV'S LOTS OF HUGS & KISSES. Things i dislike CHAV'S, Scum Bags, Evil and Sick-Headed...
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    Whats your favourite Singer and Song

    My favourite Singer and Song are: #1: RIHANNA : Only Girl In The World \===============================/ #2: The Prodigy : Their Law #3: The Prodigy : SpitFire #4: The Prodigy : Smack My Bitch Up #5: Rita Ora : Hot Right Now #6: Labrinth : Earthquake #7: The Saturdays : If This Is...
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    Black ops 2 Prestige Emblems pictures

    Are the pictures below the real Black Ops 2 Prestige Emblem it sure look like they are real they even show 2 prestige emblems them black ops 1.(8,9) so which ones do you like the look of, i like the first emblem
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    Whats your dream girlfriend or boyfriend

    My dream girlfriend would be Height : 5ft 10inch (same height as me) Weight : 10-22 stone (im 14 stone but i love bigger girls) Skin : halfcast (i like white & brown skin girls 50/50) Hair : black long (my hair black i like her to have long hair so i...
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    Black ops 2 guns wishes

    So its less then a month for Black ops 2 come out whats top 5 guns you wish to see in black ops 2 mine top 5 are: Intervention (sniper rifle) M16 fully automatic & 3 around burst (assault rifle) R700 (sniper rifle) Mini Zui (sub machine gun) SMR (sniper rifle) There my gun wishes...
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    Your Top 10 Favorite Games

    My top 10 are 1: Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots (PS3) My number 1 game :drool: \================================================/ 2: Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) 3: InFamous 2 (PS3) 4: Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) 5: Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3) 6: The Getaway (PS2) 7...
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    Will there be a multiplayer The Sims

    It would be awesome if a new sims game came out with multiplayer , so you could invite your psn friends around your house to chat play games, party, make love wouldnt that be awesome to make a baby with your psn friends and just have lots of fun. i really want it maybe The Sims 4 will have...
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    What and how many trophys are in your trophy collection

    I got all together 1,027 trophys (Bronze)=782 (Silver)=200 (Gold)=49 (Platinum)=6 my trophy level 12 but very close to 13 my Platinum trophys are : Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires 100% COD MW3 63%, need map pack to get 100% Need For Speed UnderCover...
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    I got a problem with my ps3

    I got a problem with my ps3 when it in standby mode if i press the PS button on my controller it switchs the ps3 on but the 4 light on the controller keep on flashing and i cant use it unless i switch the ps3 off, so i have to press the power button on the ps3 then the PS button on my...
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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 whats your favourite characters and ones you don't like

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 whats your favourite characters and ones you don't like Mine are My Favourite LARS ALISA LEE STEVE FOX ARMOR KING LILI MIGUEL BOB/SLIM BOB RAVEN ANGEL JUN I don't like UNKNOWN KAZUYA OGRE HEIHACHI JINPACHI BRYAN MARDUK DRAGUNOV
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    What would you like the PS4 to do & have

    What would you like the PS4 to do & have I dont no much about what in side games consoles so mine will be short MY LIST The newist Processor, what ever that called lol HDD 3TB, or if can lots more Newist Graphics card Wifi 4 USB slots To play ps1.2.3 games & music, DVD,Blue Ray A...
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    Would we have to make a new psn account for the ps4

    I beening thinking would we have to make a new psn account for the ps4 or keep using ps3 account on ps4 coz new console means upgraded network which mean new things. I no its a stupid thing for me to say but you never no whats going to happen
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    Will the Play Station 4 play ps1,ps2,ps3 games

    I really want to get the PS4 but will it play ps1 ps2 ps3 games coz i really like my old games but i wanna sell my older consoles to make more room i dont really see y we should make SONY more money if they not going to help us out i dont see y they won't make money from making the PS4 play...
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    Are RockStar lazy

    I play GTA4 and i been thinking is rockstar lazy because of all the glitchers there must over 100s glitchers but the glitchers have not been patched is because the game is so big or they dont care and can't be bothered about it i no the game is old but will GTA5 be the same i just hope they take...
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    Does anyone think there be The Getaway 3

    I was looking at my ps2 games and i forgot i got The Getaway1&2 and it got me thinking will there ever be a getaway 3 god the getaway 1&2 got real makes of cars and the police actions are 100 times more real then GTA thinking about how good the game is it makes GTA games look cheap fake and gay...
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    PSN account custom avatars

    Do anyone of you think it would be a good idea if we could have custom account avatars on your PSN accounts like we can on this website