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    The Witcher 2 - Official Thread

    Credits to official for character art and information Title: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Genre: cRPG Platform: PC Release Date: May 17, 2011 Developer: CD Projekt RED Publishers: CD Projekt (Central Europe), Atari (North America), Namco Bandai (Western Europe) and...
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    Extremely Large Battlefield 3 Pictures (Multiplayer reveal @ E3)

    I warned you, the pictures are extremely large. Enjoy. All from PC version of course.
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    Put the goggles on! (draw stuff on the forum in REAL TIME!) Follow instructions on the website and draw anything on any website! Join the PSU goggle! I would say draw stuff on the Home page of PSU to keep everything centralised.
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    Hawken - An Indie Mech Game Source It looks glorious for a game made by 9 people...
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    Dot Dot Dot - Dramatic review of a game
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    3D without Glasses

    Its genius.
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    Change the location of 'reply to thread' button

    The top 'reply to thread' button is on the right of the page and the bottom one is on the left. I would expect both buttons on the same side so its consistent.
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    Very good Photoshop tutorial So funny yet informative.
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    Network Incompatibility with Room Owner?

    When i try to join my friend's lounge i got the error message saying: You can't join because of the network incompatibility with the room owner [771] I can create a room myself but the other people who joins get the same error. I can play with this friend in other games and i never used to...
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    Playstation House is back!
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    Icons for considerations

    I just made some icons for each section of the forums for consideration since the new batch of icons look 'generic' imo. Its work in progress so i have not finished all the icons for all the sections. Check here please for no compression...
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    Lonely 90-year-old puts out ad for b'day party. Internet picks it up...

    This is the actual party: The ad. William J Lashua is his name. It was originally from Reddit but it was soon on /b/. The internet has rallied to give him one hell of a birthday, he's got cards from...
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    Can you vote for this please?

    Ladies and gents, Can you head over to the link below and vote for my friend if you can spare a few of your seconds, please! Its for my friend, he wants a blackberry a lot. It wont take long if you have a facebook account. Thank you very much!
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    Motorstorm: Apoclypse NEW footage It looks incredible! The destruction on the second lap is insane.
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    PD is INSANE - confirmed [screenshot overload] More at the link. Now, i wanna see the look on the face of the Turn10 guy who said 'they even modeled the wheel nut'.
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    Recommend me some music!

    I like bands like Muse, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Eagles, Wolfmother, Jimi Hendrix and some drum and bass/ electronic bands like Pendulum and Noisia. I recently started listening to this little band called Porcupine Tree. Kinda have the Pink Floyd feel to it. I just want you all to recommend me...
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    Alien Swarm [FREE game from Valve] Seems to be getting a lot of awesome impressions and made free by Valve and now available on Steam. Although the download servers are getting hammered. Top down shooter mixed with L4D 'horror' elements with freaking aliens! Pictures:
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    Game Soundtracks you like! [post links!]

    Post the links to your favourite game soundtracks! I'll start: A LOT of game soundtracks playlists Shatter Soundtrack Uncharted 2 Soundtrack Various soundtracks from a LOT of games [including old skool] Gravity Crash Soundtrack Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future Killzone 2...