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    IGN PS Move AU unboxing gone wrong video exactly what you would expect... but still sorta funny. sorry if posted already
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    Castle Crashers or Scott Pilgrim vs the World?

    Hi 360 owners, I was wondering which of the these two games is better from those of you who have already had the chance to play them on XBL/PSN.
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    David Jaffe's vision for God of War III and some Twisted Metal info (interview)

    Gametrailers just posted a great interview w/ David Jaffe. It starts out with some details on the upcoming Twisted Metal PS3 title, but the most interesting part was what Jaffe wanted to do with God of War III. The GOW3 discussion...
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    Section 8 PSN game $4.99 on Amazon Normally I wouldn't post deals like this in this forum, but for $5 I figured a lot of you guys would give this a go and at least I'd have some people to play with if...
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    Your top 3 games featured at E3 so far?

    At first, I wanted to make a thread about which games people would be buying from e3, but damn there is too many haha. So lets narrow it down to your top 3 of the show so far. in no particular order: Dead Space 2 Little Big Planet 2 Twisted Metal I see this thread has been made in the PS3...
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    Will people still play Confrontation after Socom 4 releases?

    I ask because the psn downloadable version of Socom Confrontation is only $15 on the US store and I always told myself I may play this game more (before I sold the disc) if I had it on my hdd. If I'm looking to get it as mostly as a true psn game that is a distraction for 15-30 minutes at a time...
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    Acceptable Reasons for a Game Sequel

    Yes sequels are leading to some stagnant days of gaming, but if devs were to follow these guidelines... 1. You didn't get it right the first time, but there was potential in your ideas. 2. You created a successful and enjoyable game, but did not get to put all of your ideas into the game...
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    May is going to kick my butt, how about yours?

    A lot of quality games coming in May and on top of that I am getting the GTA IV DLC, SSFIV, and maybe rebuying MW2 in late April. Definitely picking up UFC Undisputed 2010, Red Dead Redemption, and Modnation Racers... might use the 3x$10 preorder promo credit from amazon towards 3d Dot...
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    List the Next Gen Games You Have Played From Memory

    Someone in another thread told I had bad taste and must've played like only 3 games when I said Dante's Inferno was one of the worst games I've played this gen... This got me thinking about which games I have played to see if I was being truthful in my assessment or just being dramatic. Here is...
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    Anyone pick up Greed Corp?

    Looking for some player feedback on this game. Only two reviews on metacritic so far. Worth the 9.99 USD?
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    Whats the best place for info on upcoming PSN games?

    What's the goto site for finding info like release dates and such for specifically PSN titles? Yes I am aware of google... just haven't been able to find that one stop shop site for all my info needs. Anyone aware of such a place?
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    Is Heavy Rain playable on SDTV?

    I want to get this game for my gf but I'm worried that she won't even be able to play it on her TV. The game just seems really dark and you have to be able to read all the commands and see all the icons that pop up. Anyone played the demo on a SDTV yet? Is it manageable?
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    Question about Dante's Inferno Divine Edition

    Does this game come w/ a slip cover with the regular game underneath, or is there a unique cover art without a slip cover?
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    Can't play map packs online COD WAW... ?

    I have map packs 1 and 3 for world at war. I tried deleting my game data, installing the patch, then downloading the map packs again, but it still doesn't work. Under the multiplayer section on map pack it says: this playlist requires a map pack that you do not have. Both map pack zombie maps...
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    Something simple that would make any future COD way better..imo

    Do away with kills, deaths, and assist count on the scoreboard in objective based games. Just stick with the points based scores and show nothing else to the player so he doesn't get self conscious about his ratio lol. No K/D ratio on your stat sheet, just a kill count. No one has ever asked me...
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    Are the additions to LBP: GOTY from LBP standard worth $6 USD

    I am in the position to upgrade from lbp (used) to the goty edition (new)at a cost of only $6 to me. Is it worth it... what additional content is included in the game of the year edition? I am also interested in the modnation racers beta.
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    Stripped Blue Screw for HDD on PS3 fat, help?

    I stripped the screw holding the hdd cradle in place. I don't have anything like a screw extractor and it is a pretty small screw. Has anyone ever tried using super glue and an allen wrench/key? Anyone else do this and successfully take it out without an extractor?
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    Borderlands IGN review 8.8! if you are on the border... about this game take a look at this review and see if its for you. more reviews should be coming in.
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    Do you think U2 will cause some YLODs?

    With the all of the PS3's power being utilized by Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2, do you think that the system will get a little bit hotter than usual? Also Uncharted 2 of course is awesome so people are going to be playing it for long periods of time... haha. I don't know much about electronics, but...
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    Another review, from Meristation 95/100 Heres to hoping that Uncharted 2 dethrones GTAIV from the top of the ps3...