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    Too Human Official Thread of melee and firearms combat - Norse Gods are watching

    Well with the game coming out this Tuesday, i haven't seen an actual discussion thread on this game, so figured make one instead. Haven't made a thread for so long.Anyway since BioShock, Mass Effect exclusives for the 360 which came out last year, this is the 1st 360 exclusive game that i am...
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    PS3 Firmware 2.36 is up guys

    I just updated it, supposed to improve system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles. Hope to see 2.40 soon.
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    Rumored 360's LIVE - Spring Update !!!

    Here is a leaked list of the 360's Spring update ! If that is true, its a one damn good update !
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    Home open Beta starts March the 24th in Japan __________________ It was just posted on Neogaf that Home Open Beta starts on March the 24th in Japan. Not sure if it is worldwide... This is all the stuff that came up yesterday...
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    BBC Reporter's PS3 ***Top Secret*** 2009 Game --> 'Tears Of Blood' !!!

    K here is the info i found of PS3 informer
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    RUMOR : Toshiba Blu-ray Player in works !!!

    It would be sweet to have a Toshiba Blu-ray Player. Oh Yeah a picture from Best Buy saying they are recommending Blu-ray over HD-DVD after yesterday's announcement. Haha its funny that they put it right on top of HD-DVD section.
  7. S -> Lost Season 3 Blu-ray -> $39.99 23 Episodes of Season 3 in 6 Blu-ray Discs. I placed an order for myself. I wish they come up with Season 1 & 2 as soon as possible though ! List Price: $96.99 Yesterday's Price: $57.99 Today's...
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    Mods --->> Close this thread !!!

    Oh boy. This can't be good.
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    20th Century Fox presents Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne - Blu-ray ?? YES !!! Great news for Max Payne and Mark Wahlberg fans. Cant wait to watch it !
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    PS3 Games in 08 - All the guaranteed & may be's !!!

    Lets make a list of all the games that are supposed to come out in 2008 for the PS3 .. including the may be's !?!?! here is all what i remember ! I also added all the 360 exclusives so that we can keep a track and compare either ones ! Guaranteed Release Alone in the Dark Battlefield : Bad...
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    Halo 3 MC : Helmet - Legendary Edition !!! with in store Pics !!!

    Hey guys, Most of you guys might have already seen this but i was at my local EB Games store and to my surprise there was a Halo 3 MC helmet on the display along with the game case that comes with it. The helmet goes right on top of the case. So i guess the game comes in the case and the...
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    Crysis Delayed ??

    I was just looking at EB Games website and i found out Crysis has been delayed to the 13th of November ! Last time i checked it, supposed to come out on the 13th of the September. This pisses me off as i just ordered BFG 8800GTX and i am going to built a new PC with the new Intel's Quad...
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    Someone is getting a PS3 soon !!! What would you guys do ??

    One lucky kid, too bad he is under age !! I bet he is going to get a PS3 instead of a PS2 soon !! What would you guys do if the same thing happens to any of you ?? As i already have a sweet set up and everything, i would just put the money in the bank and buy every good game that comes out...
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    The Theory behind discontinuing 60GB PS3 & flooding the market with 80GB PS3 !!!

    K guys. I don't know how many of you will agree with me but this is one of the smartest move by Sony to grab the Market Leader position as soon as possible. This is what they will be doing - You know how most of the laptops come with an 80GB hard drive now. If not right now as 120 and 160's are...
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    New Fable Screenshots and Overview !!!
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    Massive 26 Picture Blowout - E3 07 - 56k Warning !!!

    Though these are mostly the pictures of the Microsoft Stage, the one they will be using during the press conference, i wanted to share it with you guys. Seriously i can't deny the fact that the stage looks awesome. One of my buddy said that the writings down on the floor with the light effects...
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    Grey XBOX 360 - New SKU from Microsoft ??

    Here is a picture of it ... might be a 20GB version with HDMI port in it ... What do you guys think ???
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    Microsoft Blames Global Warming for Xbox 360 problems !!! (Joke)

    I havn't found this on the forum. Sorry if already posted. Here is the info. - What do you guys think ?? This is satire, that is not a real Peter Moore quote, the article is not serious...
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    MGS4 Demonstration on July the 24th

    Here you guys !!! Don't know if already posted. Havn't seen it in the forums. If already posted sorry guys !!!
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    Launch Console with Forza Bundle !!!

    Hey guys, I am in Hamilton, Ontario right now. Im here for the summer. My buddy here just got a Forza 2 XBOX Bundle in the local walmart and he got a Launch XBOX console with the date Nov the 20th 2005. He was trying to get an elite but couldn't find one and gone for the Forza bundle...