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    Remake of FF7 not a good idea...

    I used to think it would be a good idea to remake FF7 for the modern generation but now that I have had time to think about It, I realize that it would certainly not capture the magic of the original and not only would not be great, it would probably feel stale. It was the art, perspective...
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    Microsoft comments on next console

    This is really nothing much at all, so I apologise if it is a waste of your time; but at least it's official. At the bottom it says we should be happy with whatever we can get because the next console won't be coming out for several years. However it was written by the Hilary goldstein of IGN...
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    GTA marathon on Gamespot

    Is anybody else watching the 2 hour GTA marathon on gamespot right now? Theres only 50 minutes left if you're not. Some people like me at first can only hear the audio and not see the video, you can fix it by simply stopping the video and and pressing play again. Don't exit the screen, just...
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    Heavenly sword Review (Bioshock of PS3?)

    sorry, didn't see other thread...please delete lol...
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    Crysis on xbox 360?

    Guys check this out. I have heard no news or word of it but 1up seems to have enough reason to believe the game will be on the 360 to officially post it on their website.
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    RSX information

    Who here is still annoyed with the total non-existence of RSX information post launch?
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    Alan Wake demo video

    Found this on youtube, which usually has videos that havn't yet been released to the public.
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    New lost planet screens

    I hope these are new. :D
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    New UT2007 videos?

    I am not sure if a thread has been posted with these clips, I havn't seen it but here they are. Go to the bottom of the page where the user movies are, they're three of them.
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    Man...we're nerds *lol

    When drifting in the stagnate oceanic soup this forum has become as late, one begins to feel a weariness with the forums, a dulling drool out of the corner of our sleeping mental mouth (words/text). One day I noticed that literally, almost all the threads were either completely redundant, or...
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    New Gears of War interview/gameplay video

    From IGN, an interview with Todd Furgeson, manger of Epic, with a playthrough of the demo level in the backdrop.
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    New ut07 preview for...xbox360?

    Here is a UT 07 preview recently posted on the team xbox website; they make it a point to reveal that they are aware of the peculiarity of a preview for a game that is supposedly not even coming to the 360. But they make it out to seem as if something else is actually going on here...
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    Sweet new lost planet vids

    Here are some new in-game clips that really show off the amazing explosions. The first 2 have been seen elsewhere, but the 4 after show some awesome new stuff! :shock: 8) :P :D
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    Refresh of crazey/hilarious video clips

    This is a refresh of funny video's cuse it was shuffled into the back. But more, there are crazey/scary/cool videos too. SO, Here are some can tell what the essence of each video is by the expressions: 1. :lol: 2...
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    BIA3 in-game xbox 360 screens

    Scans are against forum rules. Please do not post them, thanks.
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    PS3 game screens? (dont know if this was posted earlier)

    Sorry if this is old news, I haven't seen it here but here are some 'new' PS3 screens for a game called "Terra Formations." Tis pretty lights, I want to see those on every inch of the enviroment, that would be rather futuristic retro immersive cool I think. 8) :lol: :P...
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    Post Oblivion Character type/4/stats/time here*

    Posting for this topic is intended to get players together here and give each other hints because some people need help starting the game and with latter parts of it. Posting character type is so we know who too ask when we are stuck at a part; so I will go first. Wood elf, rouge, serpant...
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    Alien life on other planets? friendly or hostile

    Quick and dirty opinion. Do not know for sure, however...Wouldn't at all be suprised if there was. :wink:
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    *ACTUAL PS3/X360 General CPU/GPU power compare, Argualluwant

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like any good super corporation, the modern manifest version in spirit of the unconscious human drive to dictatorship, the pupateers of the lowely underling peasant society...he sorry fr th...tangnt... Sony is...