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  1. J

    Disconnecting Accounts

    Is there a way i can disconnect all my accounts? like my main one. I have the new slim because my old one broke and its saying that my account is already connected to 5 other ps3's. is there a way i can get rid of these?
  2. J

    Stephen Fry confirms LBP PSP

    stephenfry I've come to the end of a lush voice-athon and yes, am empowered to confess that it was for a new PSP version of Little Big Planet. 1 minute ago from Tweetie just realised i was trying to do this as quick as possible and put it in the wrong section put in psp sections please (...
  3. J

    video file converter

    does anyone know a link to a free video converter?? +rep
  4. J

    Yotube message with upcoming costumes + updates

    LittleBigPlanetUK ... New LittleBigPlanet Costumes and Cool Stuff coming soon...
  5. J

    Less than 500mb left

    i need a new harddrive where can i get one and what is the cheapest preferably a 160GB
  6. J

    i need gimp tuts

    im a beginner with gimp and majority of the tutorials i find are for advanced do any of you know any gimp beginner tuts ??
  7. J

    hub space with 6 minigames?!

    i was talking to someone in the hub and they said got invited to a room (alpha room 1) and it had 6 minigames if you done each one in under 5 mins then you get a piece of paper is this true??
  8. J

    I need a Fifa 09 club

    im on alot and play alot and im not ball greedy preferably something in the eu
  9. J

    New Stapler mission

    its out now and it makes you look at a code i think the code gives you a password for the private section answer it and get rep !
  10. J

    Xi help

    i need help to get the name of jess's band she likes ive looked on miguels website but i cant find it
  11. J

    Jessica Alba Sig + avy .. 1500sp + rep

    They have to be sexy and they have to be awesome best one gets the sp but all entrants get rep the pic i dont mind what it is aslong as its sexy and hawt ROC im sorry about the chucky lol use one of these two (or both) if possible please
  12. J

    Need help

    my lbp save kept f*ckin up my ps3 and kept restoring my ps3 so i deleted it anyone know \where i can get a trustworthy lbp save
  13. J

    How do i get the pac man t-shirt?

    i saw a man with it and sooo want it how do i get it ?
  14. J

    New avy.old one dont work

    i need a new avy please :P a avy of Hayden Panettiere. any picture of her i dont mind reward = how many sp i have by the time its done (500+) and rep!
  15. J

    Echochrome. i need help

    on area "C" i cant get the 20,000 points required any tips?
  16. J

    Banner needed

    i will give all my points and rep to whoever does me a banner it has to be 960x527 and have the word Hellalauren on it oh and it also gotta have this pic in please help me out thanks
  17. J

    Avy & Sig request

    Can someone create me a sig and avy of Hayden Panettiere Will get 150 sp and rep thanks in advance
  18. J

    Beta code help

    when i try to redeem the R2 beta code i get "An error has ocurred (8002311A)" what the code mean?
  19. J

    Ps3 is broke? what do i do?

    i turn on my ps3 and it still makes that sound and sony playstation still comes up but after that all i get are wavey lines. So i turn it of and on and it does the same thing i left it for a day and turned it on yet i still get wavey lines what should i do? thanks in advance