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    So, how screwed up are you?

    I've been sitting here, thinking about how messed up my life has been. I'm experienced about all the worst things I can think of...I've been homeless and all the things that go with it, I've watched several friends die, my sister was raped by my brother almost 30 years before i was born, i have...
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    So any other artists/craftsmen here?

    Lets use this thread to show off the things we create using our own two hands. Beginning of the summer, I took my love for mid-century modern furniture and my knowledge from working in automotive body & paint and started trying to build/sell my own creations in the MCM style. I've stuck to...
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    Just noticed this section...heres what I'm building.

    Heres my latest build, been working on it off and on for about 6 months now. 1959 El Camino... Heres the pics from when I bought it. NOT as nice as it looks, ran like crap and had some serious rust issues. Starting tearing it apart, had to weld in almost $1000 worth of patch panels...
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    I forgot about MGS4...

    Yep...I've had no internet for the past week, and gamestop didn't call me like they were supposed to. I just got online and see all these people talking about the game, check my e-mail and the first one is "MGS4 AVAILABLE NOW!" and I think "sonova*****!". Now I've gotta go to work, but I WILL be...
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    New House = New Setup! Woohoo!

    Closed on our new house Friday, and got moved everything moved in. Immediately started working on the living room to get all my goodies set up. We're trying to do most of the house "Mid-Century Modern", hence the late 50's early 60's furniture & decor. Anyway, heres the before and after pics...
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    Alright, what's wrong with the Dynex HDTVs from Best Buy?

    I picked up a 37" Dynex for my mom today, couldn't find ANY info about their HD sets online. No user reviews or anything. It's a Christmas present, so I'm not giving it to her for a bit, but I was planning to give it to her in a week or so. If it's junk I'll take it back and try to get something...
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    Is anyone here besides me getting SOF:Payback tomorrow?

    I've been wanting anohter Soilder of Fortune game for a long time, the MP on SOFII was super super fun. The graphics were pretty bad, but the gameplay more than made up for it. I spent more time online with that game than any other since, probaly 2 years! Payback is supposed to be in stores...
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    EA to acquire Bioware & Pandemic

    Posted by cleveridea over at GAF.... :pale Bioware, NOOOO!
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    New Soldier Of Fortune:Payback video, NG2 not so violent now eh?

    Soldier of Fortune II was what I played online more than anything else in the old Xbox days, I loved that game. THe graphics sucked, the single player sucked, but the MP was just pure fun and and actually took skill to be good at. The first video I saw of this left me dissapointed, it looked...
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    Who picked up skate today?

    I got it my hands on it before best buy had even put it on the shelves. Soooo much fun. A patch was made available earlier as well, but I'm not sure what it addressed. I'm ready to make some cool videos, but the **** EA site won't even let me sign in...:twisted: Tony who?
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    Puzzle Fighter & Streets Of Rage 2, Now on Live Arcade!

    Puzzle Fighter-800 points Streets Of Rage 2-400 points I've been waiting on puzzle fighter, even the wife likes it! I'm gonna download the trial of Streets Of Rage and give it a whirl, it's been a long time!
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    Who here is in the COD 4 beta?

    :mrgreen:I FINALLY got my token, downloading right now. If anyone here is in it as well, at me to you friends list. GT-EVERYlosersHERO Later we can get a thread going to talk about and give impressions.
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    COD4 Beta breaks the internet!

    Everyone that was waiting for the early sign up for the beta, things went bad! So many people were F5'ing the page, that it got REAL slow, then crashed, then redirected to activision, which in turn crashed, and now all you get is the Maintenance page for CharlieOscarDelta. :shock: No clues...
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    Anyone know of places selling bioshock at midnight?

    I'm thinking about driving out to he walmart and being thoroughly dissapointed, they seem to NEVER have games the day they come out for some reason. If anyone knows of places selling at 12am, post them up!
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    Anyone having issues with live?

    I was just playing gears, and went back to the dashboard. It disconnected me as soon as I got there and now it won't connect back to live, I pass all the connection tests until it gets to XBOX Live-Fail. Just wondered what was up and if anyone else was having an issue...:confused:
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    Got an Elite today

    Picked up an Elite today to replace my box with the screwy GPU. It was manufactured June 25th of this year, has the new heatsink and apparently it makes a BIG difference. This one runs soooo much cooler than my old premium. Only thing I didn't like was I couldn't just swap the stuff off my old...
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    Think I found the course of my NAT problem...

    Last night I connected straight to my modem to play some Rainbow 6 since it was taking forever to find a game through my router with my NAT 3. When I did the connection test, it said I had a NAT 2 even thought I'm hooked up straight to my router? Shouldn't I have a NAT 1 connected this way? I'm...
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    Rainbow 6 rant...

    Been trying to get the hang of RB6 online tonight, and I'm getting severely pissed. EVERY game I happen to get into puts me on a team where everyone is talking and communicating well. Immediately I'm told to go the other team (even though the teams are usually even, or they're already...
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    Bought my first blue ray disc.

    Picked up "Crank" today since I had heard good things about the picture quality, I had already watched it before. HOLY CRAP does it look awesome! A buddy from out of town is over and he was amazed at the picture quality after he got used to the clarity (It is a bit odd to watch at first after...
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    Seen a 360 do this? No fire starting please...

    Just fired up the xbox to play gears for a bit, and this happens. It's happened 3 times, haven't tried another game yet. Shouldn't be the games though since the disc is perfect. No red lights, just a frozen screen and a little static through the surround sound. If I just sit in the dashboard...