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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    Wi-fi 3G/ if the what the poster above said is true about getting a free game if not then just wi-fi.
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    Sony:Alot rests on the Vita's success after tough 2011

    Vita games are already charting at the top 10 on and the system is not even out yet. it's surely a good sign the system is going to have a good opening in the west? I'm getting mine day 1 first time I've ever done that with any hardware launch...
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    Sony in Big Trouble With PS Vita

    Memory card prices seem to have reduced, 32GB is now number 1 on amazon japan and Vita has been consistently in the the top 10 since launch but obviously amazon is no real indication of actual sales.
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    Yeah from what I gather from that video it just plugs into the bottom of the PSVITA (via a USB cable?) and you just press that magic power button on it to begin charging. A lot of people wondered how it worked but there's still a few questions like how many times can you use it before it itself...
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    First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

    Thanks for for info good to know. Can I just ask do you know this because you work for Sony? Thanks
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    No problem, one thing that struck me as odd is that the portable charger is what alot of people thought was the external battery. So what will the external battery look like I wonder?
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    Which PSVita game will you get?

    Gravity daze just check out this new abilitys video..
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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hitting PS Vita?

    Here's the awesome box-art
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    Cool Playstation Vita Accessories Video (Japanese)
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    Rumor: SCE Bend Working On Syphon Filter Vita - OPM UK Nov 2011

    That's two nice little rumors that I hope comes true!
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    All I see now is blonde, brunette, redhead..
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    It's gotta be without a doubt the best looking handheld ever!
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    Thanks for your views I'm so pumped for Vita hopefully it comes to the UK ASAP!!!
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    TGS: Vita Will Have External Battery Option

    I have not asked you to get excited about the Vita you told me to look at your posts and I gave my honest opinion that is all :)
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    TGS: Vita Will Have External Battery Option

    I don't know what your definition of happy or pleased is but all I've been getting from your posts is "incredibly nitpicky".
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    *presumes to force choke you*
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    TGS: Vita Will Have External Battery Option

    They would never please you anyway, if they could have put a bigger battery in there then that will just drive up costs even further and considering they are making a loss on these to start with you should count your lucky stars they don't price it more than the current $250/$300 price tag.
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    PSV Battery Life: 3-5 Hours

    3-5 hours worth of gaming is adequate for portable gaming and if you need more then get the external battery. I'm surprised people would wait years just for a few extra hours of battery life in a later interation (that's not even garunteed) when there problem is solved right now.