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    So whats your fav. car?

    So now you've got your grubby hands on the game, what is your favourite car that you have driven so far? Mine has got to be the Stallion. I hated it in the old games, but this one i have it, its like a propper muscle car! So guys, spill the beans, your fav car and why!
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    GTA IV too dark?

    Do you find that GTA IV is just too dark? I mean, with the standard settings, i could hardly navigate my way on the very first mission, and i find myself sticking my headlights on like all the time. I know you can change it in the display settings, but i dont really see why i should need to...
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    Abercrombie & Fitch import

    Here in the UK, prices for Abercrombie & Fitch are almost twice that of that in the US, and there is only one physical store, in London. I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that would ship Abercrombie & Fitch clothing to the UK? Even with postage & packaging, it will still work out cheaper.
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    Ok voting time!

    Ok, its been a week since i opened my request for a new sig + avy set. Since then, ive had a number of entries, and now im having a hard time chosing which to use. I need you guys to vote for me :) Some do not have avatars, but if the sig wins, then ill ask the creators to make one. Also, some...
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    Jobs in England (16/17 year olds)

    Well guys, ive been working at a small butchers shop in my town on a Saturday morning for the last year and a half. Im now approaching 17 and i need to start paying for driving lessons, a car, car insurance and petrol. I also need money to go out with and spend at my lesuire. Now obviously, my...
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    Elisha Cuthbert set

    Right then guyes, its time for me to update my image again. I would like a sig and an avy that has Elisha Cuthbert in it. Im a subscriber, so could you make it to the special dimentions (550x150). Also, could you try and keep the same sort of style, i mean, like keep it quite simple and clean...
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    New GTA IV Website up! Maps + New Screens! Enjoy guys. It has some new videos, promos, screens and even a basic map! :D
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    New GTA IV preview from IGN! + pics!! + links to LOADS of other previews!!

    Well, i cant wait for this, it looks amazing! This is the 360 build btw :) I have to confess i havn't read them all, but i guess they all say the same type of thing I didn't post the pics because there are alot of them, trying to make it easier on the 56k. Link below; Source New pics here...
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    I liked Uncharted, i really did, until chapter 15... (Spoilers)

    Dont get me wrong, i was hyped for this game. When it came, it was nothing short of amazing. The graphics were beautiful, controls were great, and the gameplay was really nice. So i was happily playing away, killing people and solving puzzles, and the next thing i know, im attacked by "monsters"...
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    Capone speech from The Untouchables

    I was wondering if anyone here have / could get Capone's speech from the film "The Untouchables" It is the speech that goes like this; If you have it, please PM me and ill give you my MSN. Alternatively you could upload it to sendspace :) Thanks in advance.
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    Which Sig/Avy set should i go for?

    Right, quite often i have found myself sitting here thinking if i should get a new set, and i have always taken ages to make my decision. So in this thread, you can ask people on the forum which set they think is better, so that you can get a second or third opinion. Im hoping that this...
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    The Celebration Thread!!!

    Ok, post here if you have something to celebrate!! Naturally, ill go first! [I FINISHED MY GCSE'S TODAY, IM FREE :D
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    My Join Date (Just a random thread)

    Ok, well, some of you may have noticed that i have been asking if the admins deleted some accounts, because i was / am sure that i joined far before this account. Anyways, i found out today, that i actually registered on 20th December 2004, on an account called Murder_Matt. I was so surprised...
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    Resistance AI

    Ok, so on Sunday i was in my local GAME store and i saw Resistance for £30, so i thought i would buy it as i always meant to get it, and i only had Motor Storm. So i got it home and put it in. My first impressions were very positive. I really liked it, it was my sort of game, like HL2, which i...
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    Downgrade your PS3

    Source I am only quoting the article because the source shows you how to do it, which is against the rules. Check it out if you want to, but im not sure why you would want to downgrade your PS3 anyway.
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    New, Re-Designed PSP Confirmed!!!

    Well, there you go lads, a new PSP is being developed. I don't see this comming out much before the end of the year / next spring. Source
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    First GTA IV Digital Screen Shot

    Here we go guys, no need to keep looking at poor scans, and shots from the trailer, RockStar have given the New York Times a digital screenshot :) Source Image
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    Building a new PC

    Right lads. My PC is seriously broken. I currently have a 6800 512mb AGP and an AMD 3000+ 939. The GFX card is always overheating and the processor just cannot handle anything. Now, i would want to make a new system, however, at this current time, i have no money, Not to worry, i have my...
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    PSP Backplate

    Well, i have now had my PSP for about 1 year. The blackness was really nice when i first got it, but now its scratched. It also looks boring next to my PS3. So, i was wondering if you could get a backplate? I know that you can get a Factplate, buttons, analogue stick, but i want to replace the...
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    Im logged in at the moment, however, i can see the ads at the top of the screen, to the right of the PS3Forums logo. Is this a mistake? Or is it being changed so that everyone has to see it now?