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    PSN Video Store Problem

    Not sure if I am in the right place here, but please feel free to move if needed. /disclaimer So I logged into the PSN store tonight to try to download a video rental for the first time. Everything went well, I got to the download page and chose 'Background Download' once the option was...
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    PS3 80 GB - Still available?

    I have a coworker that is wanting a PS3, but he cant seem to find the 80GB unit it still for sale and in production?
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    Linear PCM vs. Bitstream Audio Questions (of sorts)

    I hope to God I am in the right place here..... I have been doing a bit of research and find that the general consensus is that Linear PCM (LPCM) audio is the way to go when it comes to playing BR movies and games in my PS3. From what I understand, if the PS3 is set to LPCM in its audio...
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    Best Buy Employee and PS3 DVD Upscaling

    I ask because I was in Best Buy today with a friend/co-worker buying some stuff for our office. We stopped to take a look at the BluRay section and the HDTV's when one of the sales girls came up and tried to pitch the BR player. When she looked at me, I told her that I already had a PS3 and...
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    HDD Upgrade - ? regarding the blue screw

    So, some of you may remember that I turned my PS3 in for a new one at GameStop (1 year product replacement guarantee - PRG) because of a video card issue. When I did this, I asked them if I could remove my hard drive and replace the hdd in the new console with the old one, as I didnt want to...
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    Rumor Killer: No MGS4 on 360, says Konami

    Dont know if this was posted yet - as I didnt find it on a search but here goes:
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    Quick Question: 40GB PS3 and Backwards Compatibility

    Since there is a big uproar about the 40 GB unit and the BC issues, I am still a bit confused. Is there no BC whatsoever on the 40 gigger, or is it just VERY limited? And why is it that important? I never had BC on my old Nintendo systems and that was never an issue. Or is basically the uproar...
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    XMB Playstation Info Bar

    Whats the deal with this thing? I havent had any new content on mine since it came out. Has anyone heard of plans to allow us to add our own RSS feeds or something? At the very least they should incorporate the PSBlog into it so we all immediately get the new blog updates...that would at...
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    Dual Shock 3 - No Haptic Feedback

    Looks like the new DualShock controller will be the same as the old tech. Nothing new. So i wonder if we will need to but a new controller again down the road if/when the new haptic feedback from Immersion is put into a controller.
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    Anyone find Heavenly Sword?

    I got a phone call on Tuesday evening saying that HS would be available Wednesday, but then I got another call today saying that it would be available tomorrow (Thursday). I looked all around for it today and no one had it yet. Called Gamestip up and they said it wouldnt be out until tomorrow...
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    HDD cloning - Possible yet?

    Has anyone made a program that will clone a partition of the HDD in the PS3? I want to get a bigger HDD but dont want to have to download everything again. If I can just back up the current HDD to my pc then I could even reformat the drive and get my wasted 10GB of Linux space back. Anyone...
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    Graphics problem - Hardware? *UPDATED WITH MORE INFO AND NOW WITH VIDEOS*

    I cant tell if this is hardware or software but I am having major graphics issues when playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Most of the time the screen flickers red and green or even blue when in places where the items move - doors, bridges, etc...(kind of like in old cartoons when you knew the rock in...
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    HDMI - 2 Devices, one input. Cable vs. PS3

    So I jsut got hooked up with digital cable with HD and DVR capabilities. I also have my PS3. Currently the PS3 is hooked up via the HDMI port on my TV with optical audio to my receiver. Looks and works great! Problem is, the new DVR unit ALSO has HDMI and I only have one port on the TV. My...
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    Has anyone seen this bluetooth headphone/mic combo? OMG these are HOT! I want a set bad - only about 100 bucks on ebay. If anyone on here has them, how do they work and do they work with your PS3?
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    Why are people still making the 'In Game XMB' threads?

    It seems like everyone is freaking out like they arent going to make this feature. Its already in HOME and I believe they implemented it in the Resistance update, if I am not mistaken. Currently it allows access only to your friends list, but thats a start and it proves that it is already a...
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    Sixaxis Trouble....

    So, i am on the move...we are moving from Ohio to Montana over the next few days and I brought the PS3 to play with in the hotels (couldnt let the HS demo pass me by!!!) Once I hooked it up, one of my controllers started to act up. I have NEVER had ANY problems with connection at all and this...
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    Is Nariko from Heavenly Sword the next Lara Croft?

    Since Tomb Raider came out, Lara Croft has been rated as one of the most popular heroines in video game history. This is due in part to sexyness and the immense popularity of the Tomb Raider series through gameplay and scope of the adventures. With Heavenly Sword about to land in the next number...
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    Whas up with the store?

    I kept waking up last night to see if the update is out and at about 3:30 I was finally able to download it. But still no Warhawk and other store content? Whats up with that? Dont the usually release it all at once?
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    Music Folders - Images

    When you guys rip a cd to your ps3's hard drive, does it automatically grab the disc jacket's image from the internet, like Windows Media Player does? I have always seen the images in the folders in all the Sony demo's like at GDC and such, but dont see these images in my music collection. I...
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    HOME problem....hardware or software? (for the HOME enabled) *SOLVED - Post #19*

    So last night I was in HOME and everything was going well, was chatting it up with a couple guys and all of a sudden I got RELOCATED (involuntarily) to the same room I was in. It was strange. Then, I logged out to go sign back in to the PSN (separate from HOME, apparently) and the program froze...