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  1. hoverbike

    One of my Biggest Coincidences of all Time

    I found this story I wrote from a few years ago and for anyone still reading the forums or finding this here is a small reward: I consider this a triple coincidence. It started when I was traveling. For no reason in particular I was thinking about Michael Jackson's Dad (Joe Jackson) and what he...
  2. hoverbike

    Final Fantasy IX is Coming to PC and Smartphones!!!

    Link: *Faints* This is the best gaming news I've heard in many, many years.
  3. hoverbike

    Stunning Growing up Transformations

    I was browsing for an article that had 10 ugly babies that grew up to be beautiful celebrities and got this page instead: Link: ...Very interesting, one subject that I often find cool is genetics or how people appear and grow...
  4. hoverbike

    The Most Frustrating Decision I have to Make

    The most frustrating decision I have to make is what my new office chair will be, specifically an Executive Leather chair :confused: . I hate this process so damn much its not even funny. Choosing new glasses was tough and took a week but I succeeded, a new computer build will be up there for...
  5. hoverbike

    The Truth Contest (Online Cult)

    I noticed a bunch of links and spam on YouTube (mostly music videos) with users posting about this website called The Truth Contest. I thought it was different and checked it out. Its suppose to be this site where there are different entries submitted by anyone about what the ultimate truth to...
  6. hoverbike

    Funniest Amazon Page

    Link: I saw this on a chat, I never laughed at an Amazon page this much before. Not just the item, the comments, reviews, customer's questions and answers, etc. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. hoverbike

    How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

    It takes about a solid 40-60 minutes before I'm settled in, sometimes 2 hours will have gone by since waking up and it feels like I just started my day 5 minutes ago. I hate it.
  8. hoverbike

    Historic Family Feud Fast Money Fail Tuesday

    I don't always watch this show, and maybe catch it once or twice a week but at times I don't see it for many weeks. I happen to turn it on last night and the 2nd one of the evening was just starting fast money which is the main part I watch. I had to go to the bathroom though and listened to it...
  9. hoverbike

    What Video Game have you Dreamt about the most?

    This isn't a thread about dreams in general again in which there are 4 other threads about but a question of what video game have you dreamt about (sleep dreams, not day-dreaming about them) the most. It can either be this year or your whole life. For me, this is easy: Super Mario World. This...
  10. hoverbike

    Founder of WBC Fred Phelps Dies at age 84

    Link: He's gone, the one who spewed verbal diarrhea like none other across the land; wondered when he'd kick the can. Listening to his speeches or sermons, you could just feel the evil oozing from his spirit like no one else that...
  11. hoverbike

    Question for Avast! Anti-Virus Users

    My question is simple (a yes or no answer) for the latest version of Avast! for Windows XP Pro: Does the software updater module automatically updates all your programs installed on your computer or do you have control over this? So if you have a old version of Flash installed, will Avast by...
  12. hoverbike

    Things that are Disappointing with GTA V

    Things that I'm disappointed at so far with GTA V: - No first person mode while on foot (only cars and stuff) - Only 5 wanted stars instead of I wanted more not less! - No blood footprints after walking across a dead ped with blood (why?) - Health is too low - Can't lay down/crouch...
  13. hoverbike

    Funny Commentary on GTA V by Players

    This thread is about users and players of GTA V and the funny things they have said. I've read plenty of good laugh material but just yesterday these two were really awesome: :lol: I can just see it. YouTube videos can also be posted for funny reactions.
  14. hoverbike

    Funniest Moments/Lines/Happenings in GTA V

    I'm surprised this thread isn't here yet, one I'd like to see other player's stories. There are too many funny things in this game to list but the most memorable and funniest can be posted **Some Spoilers Marked with Two "**" before the line**: - One of the first ped lines that made me laugh...
  15. hoverbike

    2015 is going to be an Epic Box Office Battle Royale

    Inspired from this thread on IMDB, I also think 2015 will be an epic battle between huge films all year long. Here is the list so far: 1. Avatar 2 (Fox) 2. The Avengers 2 (Disney) 3. Star Wars Episode VII (Disney) 4. Man of Steel 3 (or Justice League) (WB) 5. Hunger Games Mockinjay Part...
  16. hoverbike

    Question: Why does Oscar the Grouch...

    never gets thrown out into a garbage truck? Discuss.
  17. hoverbike

    What's with the Search Feature?

    I came back here after not visiting the forum since summer 2011 and I don't remember the search feature not working or at least not working adequately for the forum portion of this site. It doesn't do jack, it focuses on the news part and then almost no posts or threads are found when I have the...
  18. hoverbike

    Japanese Research Possibility of Putting Lithium in Drinking Water

    Link: Oh what a great idea! Lets poison the water supply even further by adding something we can find in modern batteries to drink along with Fluoride, Mercury, and Chloride. How stupid can these researchers get? Putting this in water to prevent...
  19. hoverbike

    Attention Anyone who knows a lot of Piano Riffs

    Does anyone have a clue to what the main piano riff is in Moby's "Everyday its 1989"? I don't know what it's called or where to find the notes for playing it. I will give ALL of my skill points away to who ever answers the question and can direct me to finding sheet music for it. The only...
  20. hoverbike

    Which is more powerful?

    Which is more powerful theoretically, DNA or Quantum computers? You have DNA computers which can do many calcutions at once instead of in a linear fashion or for Quantum computing, you have the qubit that can have a memory being a 1 or 0 or both or in between. Which is faster? If you don't...