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  1. MonkeyClaw

    Lexus Slide Hoverboard

    I want to call shenanigans on this, but I am still intrigued by what they are claiming! If for some reason this is real, I have a feeling it is somehow based on quantum levitation... I am going to remain...
  2. MonkeyClaw

    Kickstarter + $10,000 = Hoverboard

    I know this tech has been around a while, but it is cool that someone is finally taking the initiative and created a real working hoverboard with it!
  3. MonkeyClaw

    Nintendo Making A Next-Gen Console?

    In case anyone is interested, Nintendo is looking for a Lead Graphic Engineer guessing for a next gen system. Apply here:
  4. MonkeyClaw


    I know this is still in its alpha stage, but is it me or does this look just horrible so far? I am nearly crying from laughing so hard watching the trailer! Poor Nintendo, Mojang should of just brought Minecraft to the Wii U...
  5. MonkeyClaw

    Very Few Video Apps On The PlayStation TV?!

    Well, this isn't looking too good! How can they not have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc. on release day?! Apparently the Vita versions of the apps don't work either, so they have to have video apps specific to the PlayStation TV...guess I will only get to use mine for Remote Play until they...
  6. MonkeyClaw

    GTA 5 Trailer in PlayStation Store on PS4 Console runs at 60fps?

    I know some of us are wondering if Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 is going to be 30fps or 60fps, and I noticed if you go on your PS4, go to the store and watch the trailer that is in the PS4 store I swear it looks like it plays at 60fps (the animation is buttery smooth)?! If this interests you...
  7. MonkeyClaw

    PlayStation TV vs PlayStation TV?

    Now I know the PlayStation TV micro console releases in October, which has been named the PlayStation TV. Now here is where my confusion is...last year there was stuff mentioned that there was going to be a cloud based TV service called...wait for it...PlayStation TV! So I am wondering, is the...
  8. MonkeyClaw

    Remote Play On Any Android Phone Running 4.0 or higher!

    Well, it isn't even out yet, but someone has already ported it over to work with any Android device running 4.0 or higher!
  9. MonkeyClaw

    PlayStation TV Arrives in North America on October 14th

    Just a heads up to anyone that is interested in the PlayStation TV device! I definitely plan on getting on when it comes out!
  10. MonkeyClaw

    Quantum Bounce Could Make Black Holes Explode

    What if our universe is just a massive White Hole that exploded, thus the Big Bang...
  11. MonkeyClaw

    Microsoft Announces Xbox One Without Kinect, Shipping June 9 for $400

    Well that didn't take long!
  12. MonkeyClaw

    Microsoft: both PS4 and Xbox One will "sell a ton", online hate "needs to go away"

    For once I actually agree with Major Nelson...Microsoft took jabs at Sony when the Xbox360 came out, Sony took jabs at Microsoft when the PS4, now it is time to stop all the BS, respect each other and play some GAMES...
  13. MonkeyClaw

    Sony makes $18 in profit for each PS4 sold!

    Wow, I am damn impressed that they aren't taking a hit on each system that goes out the door!
  14. MonkeyClaw


    See, they should of just called it Xbox Infinity!
  15. MonkeyClaw

    Shuhei Yoshida has what?!

    LOL, a sign of a true gamer...Shu not only plays the PlayStation line, but also has two Xbox 360's and two Wii U's! The PR team took out the Wii U consoles from the picture, but left the Xbox 360!
  16. MonkeyClaw

    Custom Colored Dualshock 4 Controllers

    Incase people were wanting to order one in a custom color, here is a company that is doing them! Dat orange!!!
  17. MonkeyClaw

    South Park: The Stick of Truth Delayed...Again...

    Not surprising...this poor game keeps getting delayed! Maybe they will release it on the PS4/XB1 as well come March 2014...
  18. MonkeyClaw

    HELP! Going Digital or Disc For This Gen?

    I am in need of help here, I am severely torn between going all digital or going disc based (on games that I can) for this generation! Part of me wants to go all digital because of the convenience of not having to jack with discs at all when I play games, I will be able to play the same game on...
  19. MonkeyClaw

    Ultimate PS4 FAQ - Now Live!

    Well, this is what we have been waiting for! Behold!
  20. MonkeyClaw

    Dualshock 4 Ext Port = Secret!

    I do love me some secrets! I wonder what they have planned for that port...wonder if it has anything to do on the rumored VR headset they are working on! I know the official DS4 Charge Base uses that port, but it will be interesting to see what else they have planned for it!