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    Sony Financial Report Key details are What do you guys think? Supply problems and not much first party software at the moment. MS had...
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    Persona 5 Royal will have no free upgrade option

    Translated from the JP website Despite it having all the DLC in these ports I have no need to pay full price to purchase Persona 5 & Royal again for PS5 or any other consoles. I played the orignal to death put in 130 hours or so years...
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    Valkyrie Elysium and Lenneth launches September 29th

    Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth comes with the Digital Deluxe Version and also available as a separate purchase on PSN. It is based of the PSP version with additional features such as Rewind, Quick Save and Visual Presets. Source Valkyrie Elysium...
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 & Genesis is coming to PS4 in the west

    Bit late with it being Xbox Console Time Exclusive for 2 years in the west I played a little bit on Steam it was ok. But those who haven't had the chance to play it you can play it.
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    Nintendo Mini Direct Announcements

    Monster Hunter Sunbreak Persona 3,4,5 Ports all coming to Switch Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Nier Automata:The End Of Yorha Edition(port) Doraemon Story of Seasons Return To Monkey Island Sonic Frontiers new trailer
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    Star Ocean The Divine Force release date and gameplay

    Battle Report Story trailer 8 Minutes of Raymonds story.
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    (OT) Favourite OST in games

    I wanted to ask everyone what's their favourite tracks in games. This is some of mine.
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    What's your thoughts on the MS Showcase?

    All Announcements Redfall Hollow Knight Silksong Persona 3 PSP port,4 Golden and 5 Royal ports + for game pass High On Life by Rick & Morty Creator Riot Games for Xbox Game Pass Forza Motorsport MS Flight Simulator Ara History Untold by Oxide Games Ark 2 Scorn launching Oct 22 Pentiment by...
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    Which PS1,2,&3 games do you want on Sony's new PS Plus

    With the service releasing this year which classics do you want on the new PS plus. I know there's been lots of remasters/remakes of PS1/PS2 games. Some that come to mind I would like are Xenogears,Persona 1,2,3,Black,Timesplitters series, Shadow Hearts 1&2,Suikoden V,Folklore,Genji 1 and...
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    Soul Hackers 2 announced

    A sequel to Soul Hackers which was released years ago for Sega Saturn and original playstation. Looks completely different from the original. More like a Persona game. Soul Hackers is a spin off to Devil Summoner series which is part of SMT. More info on...
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    Relayer demo launches February 25

    This devs previously worked on God Wars. I played a little bit of God Wars but it got overshadowed by other games at the time so I didn't get back into it. But Related looks promising.
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    Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition announced

    Coming to PS4,Xbone,Switch and PC via Steam all digitally on the 7th April. Source Well the remake as like FF8 Remastered from what I see and since I didn't play Chrono Cross when I was younger I'll consider giving it a shot.
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    Opinion on Sony's games coming to PC

    What does everyone think? I don't mind if they do it with releasing for PS first then PC 2-4 years down the track. None of the recent ports have been done by Nixxes such as God of War and Uncharted Collection. So I wonder which ports they will do. I'm mixed because of the acquisition of...
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    Tales of Berseria review

    I done a Tales of Arise review and I thought I would do a review on Berseria which I played a few years ago and completed the game as well as done most of the side quests. Like I mentioned in that thread I've played every Tales game since Symphonia. Story introduction Berseria takes places in...
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    Tales of Arise review

    Today I will cover the review on Tales of Arise which will be covered on the perspective of since I played all games from Symphonia onwards as well as other aspects. Basic introduction of the story Story is set on two planets Dahna and Rena. The start of the story is the conflict on Dahna where...
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    Tales of Arise new trailers

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    Final Fantasy X-3 Could Happen Someday According to FF7R Director

    Personally I'd rather that they get FF7 Remake done they thinking on too many projects. Plus I don't think Toriyama should direct it since he directed FFX-2 which wasn't good FFX was almost better in every way. The only good thing about FFX-2 was the battle system. Plus the FFX 2.5 and the...
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    Tales Of Arise release date revealed plus next generation versions coming

    Trailer Gameplay trailer Environment trailer Details