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    Weird Japanese trailer for MGS5

    I will call this classic Japanese randomness and I love it :D Enjoy!
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    Dark Souls II - Launch Locomotive Breath Trailer

    Almost can't believe that its finally here! Time to break a few controls :D
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    2 GIRLS 1 GAME! - Introducing 2UP Girls

    Something new happening at PSUtube
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    Jack Tretton, issues message to PlayStation fans
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    New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer
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    new Killzone Shadow Fall MP maps

    Sony have just released new trailer for there free MP map DLC, maps are called, the Cruiser and The Hangar. The Cruiser The Hangar
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    New SOMA trailer, for PS4

    From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA is a sci-fi horror from Frictional Games, coming to PlayStation 4.
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    Top 5 PS4 Video on PSUtube Feb. 2014

    Thought I would share with you whats the 5 hottest on PSUtube, PSU rather new YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel: #1 The Evil Within [サイコブレイク](PS4) - New Trailer (Japan) #2 FINAL...
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    SE500 Episode 13 - Sony VR Headset, Uncharted on PS4 news

    Hope you guys enjoy. Just an update we have some new talent coming PSUtube, there will be an official announcement shortly. Hope you enjoy the video, Sub and like...if you like.
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    SE500 Episode 13 - Sony VR Headset, Uncharted on PS4 news
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    SE500 Episode 12 - Rumors for The Last of Us on PS4 and Star Wars

    From last week, sorry I need to get back in the habit of posting episodes here.
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    Marjaana Shows Off her Home Town, Rauma Finland

    Host of SE500 Marjaana, give us a tour of her home town of Rauma, Finland.
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    SE500 Episode 10 - PS4 on Top of 2013, and PS Now
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    Killzone Multiplayer anyone?

    I have been playing Killzone pretty regularly these days, but would sure like to play with people that want to use team work and stuff to win matches. Anyone can just add me Agriel is my PSN name. Or post here and I can add you.
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    Battlefield 4 - China Rising Expansion Pack Trailer
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    SE500 Episode 7 - PS4 Giveaway Got Bigger, Rumor Round-up, Resogun Review

    Welcome to episode 7 of SE500, in this episode we look at the rumors surrounding Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, Level-5 and Studio Ghibli JRPG Ni no Kuni, and its possible return. Also on this episode is our review of Housemarque arcade shooter, Resogun. We are also proud to announce we...
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    Final Fantasy X|X 2 HD Remaster - The Sites of Spira Also another new trailer for FFX HD
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    Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Guns n' Roses Bumblefoot Tests Rocksmith 2014

    A new trailer from Ubisoft for Rocksmith 2014 Edition, shows Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses) testing out Rocksmith 2014 Edition. PSU gave Rocksmith 2014 a perfect 10/10 check out why...
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    Ys Memories of Celceta - Launch Trailer
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    DRIVECLUB - #4ThePlayers Teaser