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  1. Nerevar

    Nvidia announces new RTX 3080 with 12GB of memory

    Oh boy, I can't wait to not be able to buy one just like the other graphics cards.
  2. Nerevar

    Grand Theft Auto - Definitive Edition Comparison Trailers

    The environments overall look really nice. Some of the character models look pretty decent too, but some of the other models look... really bad. Like, some of the comparison images floating around have the remaster looking considerably worse imo. I'm still excited because hopefully the games...
  3. Nerevar

    Gameranx: PS5: 1 YEAR LATER

    Due to covid, scalpers (fuck scalpers), and the silicon shortages, this generation has been _rough_. No one I know irl has a PS5 still and there's just no (major) games out because development was hit so hard over the last year and a half. I just read today Sony is actually slowing down...
  4. Nerevar

    Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

    It's unfortunate that so many people have moved on from forums. I do like the convenience of modern chat platforms like discord and reddit, but to me there's a charm to the slower and more community focused nature of forums. I miss how active this place used to be. But I guess people got older...
  5. Nerevar

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Review: Big Performance, Extreme Price Tag (Digital Foundry)

    I just want a 3060 ti already. The silicon shortage is painful.
  6. Nerevar

    Update on Xbox Live Gold Pricing. Edit:MS has a change of heart after having a foot up the

    Imagine paying to use your own internet connection. Like, unless Microsoft is outright hosting servers for these games, paying for online access is bullshit.
  7. Nerevar

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Space Engineers and Breathe of the Wild for me. BoTW has kept me busy for so long.
  8. Nerevar

    DF: Cyberpunk 2077 PC Version First Impressions

    The issue with this game is that while it does look good once you crank up the PC settings, the technology elsewhere in the game is rather lacking (the AI).
  9. Nerevar

    The Game Awards 2020 – Date, Start Time, Where To Watch, And What To Expect

    No Breathe of the Wild 2 made me sad.
  10. Nerevar

    IGN: Xbox's Exclusive Game Drought Is Finally Almost Over

    Has it actually been confirmed Elder Scrolls 6 will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms? I've only seen speculation on that.
  11. Nerevar

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Sephiroth Reveal Trailer The Game Awards

    My friends went crazy when it showed Sephiroth. lol I know it won't ever happen but 2B in Smash would be amazing.
  12. Nerevar

    Cyberpunk reviews are out | Game REMOVED from PS Store

    ^^ Yeah, basically. I've long been apathetic to AAA game reviews because these game will -always- get 8's, 9's, and 10's. Reading the reviews for the actual details is valid, but the scores themselves mean nothing. The game seems somewhat buggy and has poor performance at times. No doubt...
  13. Nerevar

    PlayStation 5 Review - A Fanboy's Perspective From LINUS

    Like what? Everything he said seemed reasonable and fair to me. He praised it for what it does right (the hardware under the hood at that price point, it's support for certain PS4 titles running better, the controller), cautioned the issues like the memory getting hot being a concern or early...
  14. Nerevar

    Bought a Switch recently, and honestly I think the Switch may be the best console ever made

    Hey guys, long time gone but hopefully some will see and comment here. I disliked Nintendo ever since the Wii. I felt it was an awful take on a gaming device and what it offered. The Wii-U was a massive flop of a system. Yeah, these two consoles had a few good games, but ultimately Nintendo...
  15. Nerevar

    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    This is waaaay late to the previous commentary but I remember some people in the community being so toxic that it absolutely pushed others away. The pride of fanboyism on this site was common, immature, and self-damaging. Back in 2012ish when I became a staff member the wind of decline was...
  16. Nerevar

    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    I see the forum got some changes.
  17. Nerevar

    [OT] Detroit: Become Human

    David Cage pushing the hype again for what will probably be another mediocre story and experience. Apparently this time he'll have editors though, so maybe it'll be better than his previous games.
  18. Nerevar

    Anyone else using Discord? (pc/phone text client)

    My friend got me to install it recently and I'm blown away by how snappy and intuitive it is, especially compared to the featureless, sluggish beast that is Skype. So I'm looking to add anyone I can to my friends list so we can chat more. My friend name is Nerevar#5686
  19. Nerevar

    Virtual Desktop - A VR Wonder (Trailer)

    I wasn't initially convinced on getting a VR headset but this has totally sold me on it; the huge work space, multitasking benefits, and gaming/media applications looks amazing.
  20. Nerevar

    SUPERHOT releases for Steam today! (Xbox One version coming March) SUPERHOT, for those that don't know, is a first-person shooter/action game where time dramatically slows whenever you're not moving. This allows you to dodge bullets, plan around the various scenarios that in real-time would be extremely difficult and...