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    PS Move

    Will the PS Move work with the PS4? Will it work with the new camera could work better with it :) Do you think they'll still make games for it on the PS4? I'd like to see Sports Champions 3, Start the Party 3, the fight 2 and some new IPs.
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    FIFA 13 Seasons

    I can't connect to a match on online seasons, finds opponent loads up then just before game starts it disconnects :( Been doing it for two days now. I can play online games with friends.
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    London Olympics 2012

    Who's got it it's great fun?
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    Next game?

    What is the next game your buying for the PS Vita?
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    Move Sorcery Bundle

    This looks cool, also good value for money.
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    Fifa 12 euro 2012 dlc

    Who has got the DLC? It was out Today.. Post info on it here.
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    FIFA Street Thread

    Who's got it? Its an awesome game. Discuss everything FIFA Street here..
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    Euro 2012 Football Game

    So FIFA are not making a Euro 2012 game then, like they did in 2008 and they also did a 2010 World Cup game. That's a shame. I wonder if they'll bring out any Euro 2012 related DLC?
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    Post your PS Vita Pics Here

    Lucky Vita owners post your pics!
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    Does anybody know if there making a follow up to PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour? It was a good game with some new additions it could be a great game. Such as better celebrations players official walk on music, the official tarts walking out with the players, the darts music between...
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    Infamous Festival of Blood Dynamic Theme

    I got it with the game. It's cool.
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    Rugby World Cup 2011

    Who's getting this game? Who has played the demo?
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    Qriocity Thread Has anyone used this service, it's awesome. I've got the free trail for the Music Unlimited and I got a free £15 voucher for registering my Sony TV with them. I used some of it yesterday rented new Resident Evil film, quality was great. Sound and picture...
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    Qriocity Music Limited

    I signed up to the free 30 day trial, has anybody else used this? It's really good, well presented and set up. Great choice of music etc.
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    The TIVO Thread

    TIVO box is coming to Virgin Media soon, I'm thinking of getting one there £149. Who's got a TIVO box or has had one in the past?
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    Brunswick Pro Bowling

    I'm picking this up is anybody else? I haven't owned one of these games before or played them, has anybody played this series? I've got bowling game from the PS store which is great fun and now supports the Move. This title also supports the Move.
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    *Who's your TV provider?*

    Uk: Virgin Media Sky Freeview Freesat. Or other if you don't live in the UK.....
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    Fifa 11 Jan Transfers

    When's the update out for the January transfer window?
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    Sky Atlantic

    Starts today on Sky. Looks a good channels home of HBO. Good blend of new programmes and old. Broadwalk Empire, Blue Bloods, Entourage, Mad Men, Sopranos etc.
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    PDC Darts 2011

    Who has got this game? I was surprised at how good this game is, it's great fun. Great fun with mates.