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  1. c.a.p

    Miyamoto: Vita isn't currently a strong product

    Nothing he said is untrue. Both handhelds of the current generation suffered at launch for the same reasons. What incentive is there to invest in such an expensive platform when the games simply are not there yet? Lets hope that both Sony and Nintendo have that in mind when the time comes to...
  2. c.a.p

    Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue

    Alice in Chains will release their first album in nearly a decade and a half, Black Gives Way to Blue, on September 29th. The track listing is as follows: 1. All Secrets Known 2. Check My Brain 3. Last of My Kind 4. Your Decision 5. A Looking in View 6. When the Sun Rose Again 7. Acid...
  3. c.a.p

    Worldwide Wii sales nearing those of GameCube

    Based on the latest sales figures in each territory, the worldwide sales of Wii are over 14.54 million. This includes 6.44 million in the Americas (as of November 30), 4.04 million in Japan (as of the latest Media Create numbers) and 4.04 million in other regions (As of Nintendo's financial...
  4. c.a.p

    Metallica's Ninth Studio Album Discussion So, who here is looking forward to Metallica's next album? They've been pretty tight-lipped about it but I think it will probably be good. You can't go anywhere but up after St. Anger. :lol: I'll definitely be buying it on day...
  5. c.a.p

    Vexillology Thread

    For those of you who don't know, vexillology is the study of flags. I have created this thread so that people may display their favorite flag or showcase their own unique design. Their are no limits to the types of flags that can be posted. For example, the flag does not have to be a national...
  6. c.a.p

    My memory card is corrupt...

    Is there anything I can do to salvage it, or must I buy a new one? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
  7. c.a.p

    What constitutes "hate"?

    I have seen the words "hatebot", and "hate" thrown about quite a bit lately. This can be seen especially here, where there are series' of threads addressing the issue. However, what I have not seen is what defines "hate" in such contexts. This is an issue that needs to be looked into, as I agree...
  8. c.a.p

    Official PS3Forums Community Thread

    I attempted this before, but it didn't take off, so I think I'll try again. Some of you may be wondering what a community thread is, so I'll tell you. The name says it all. A community thread is where you can post about personal matters, how your day was, etc, with others. It's completely...
  9. c.a.p

    Nevermind, I'm staying.

    Disregard this entire topic, I'm here to stay.
  10. c.a.p

    Would you be interested in LocoRoco on PS3?

    I felt this poll fit better in the Misc. section. If it doesn't, feel free to move it mods. Anyway, I was wondering how you guys felt about the idea of LocoRoco on PS3. I think it would be great controlling it with the SIXAXIS. Although it obviously wouldn't be the most eye-popping game...
  11. c.a.p

    Can PAX Pick Up Where E3 Left Off?

    From the official site From Wikipedia With the old E3 out of the picture PAX will become the largest gaming event in North America, and its size may very well double this year. So here's the question, can...
  12. c.a.p

    Sega sues YTMND Okay, maybe "sue" isn't the best way to put it. It may only be a cease and desist for now, but that doesn't make this any better. I have just lost all respect for Sega.
  13. c.a.p

    Post Your Member Number

    Note: To find your member number, look at the number at the end of the url to your profile. For example, here is the url to my profile: The number at the end of the url is the member number. My member number is 999. I remember it being higher, but I...
  14. c.a.p

    A look into the past: PS3Forums on the Internet Archive*/ I thought it would be cool to take a moment and look back at the early days of PS3Forums. You can see archived pages of how the forums once looked through the link above. This one is especially cool to me, as I only registered 11 days before it was...
  15. c.a.p

    Should I return to my old avatar?

    I was wondering, do you guys think I should return to my old avatar? Here it is: All opinions are welcome.
  16. c.a.p

    Custom Soundtrack Confirmed for Excite Truck This is pretty cool, I'm glad Nintendo decided to include a feature like this. :)
  17. c.a.p

    IGN: Wii Game Box and Disc Up Close I don't know about you guys, but I think the box looks pretty nice. Edit: I thought I'd add these images of the Zelda packaging and disc from the assembly line. You can see them below.
  18. c.a.p

    Is there anyone on your Buddy/Ignore Lists?

    I thought it would be interesting to see the results of this. I have nobody on either list so far.
  19. c.a.p

    I'm beginning to notice a trend...

    It began one year ago at TGS. The Wii remote was first revealed. If you were here then, you remember the reaction. After about a week or so, people began to calm down, and some even began to embrace the idea of the Wii remote. Fastforward a couple of months, we now find ourselves in April. We go...
  20. c.a.p

    Would you consider the PS1 downloads a big selling point?

    I wanted to see what you guys thought for a certain purpose. Would you consider the PS1 downloads a big selling point for PSP?