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    The $99 Xbox 360....with a catch

    This COULD be a great deal, depending what other subscriptions are included.
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    [RUMOR] Report: Microsoft Phasing out Microsoft Points

    This would be a welcomed change!
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    Gamestop's answer to the online pass

    Looks like it will cost them some money but used game buyers will get what the new game comes with.
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    Batman: Arkham City to receive multiple perfect scores!

    Exclusives! Who needs exclusives? Looks like Batman:AC is getting some 10/10 review scores. Can't wait! If this info is correct, I can't ever recall any multiplatform video game getting more than...
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    Sony to require on-lines passes for all future PS3 games

    And so it begins..or continues....
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    Adblock Plus for Firefox and

    Using this to block ads here at PSU has dramatically improved site performance. Anyone else using it?
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    Help streaming movies

    I have some movies that I am trying to stream to my PS3, but the video constantly pauses (trying to catch up I suppose) and then restarts. I'm doing it wireless and I'm thinking that the signal might not be strong enough. Is there a way to have the video buffer for a bit before it starts...
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    I finally got a PS3

    Well I finally took the plunge. I just bought the God of War collection and ordered a used copy of Ratchet & Clank: TOD.
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    Resistance 2 or KZ2

    I'm a big big fan of shooters. Which is better, R2 or KZ2? I can't decide which one to get.
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    I was looking for a break from shooters so I picked up Kameo for $10 at Lamestop. I played it a little when the 360 released but didn't get more than a hour or so into the game. I about half way through it now and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great adventure game. It's very...
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    Miner Wars, an MMO for PC and ... XBLA?

    I'm not sure what to think about this one. :? I can't fingure out the MMO part or the FPS part. It reminds me of an old PC game named Descent.
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    MS Showing Exciting Unannounced Project at Comic-Con A new Perfect Dark, Crimson Skies, who knows?
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    Rumour: Rockstar New England Working on 360 Exclusive
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    Dante's Inferno gameplay trailer This game looks badass, very badass. Day one purchase for me.
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    RUMOR: Hulu coming to the 360

    I didn't write the article title, the article's author did. Microsoft's New Ad Deal: Why Hulu Blocked PlayStation?
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    New developments in the 360 dev kit

    Looks like MS is finally providing a better set of tools for devs and some extra RAM for the dev kits to help programmers test their games. This extra RAM should result in better use of the 360's current 512 MB. It appears that until now, devs were unable to actually use all of the RAM for...
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    Huxley confirmed for the 360 by Webzen, will be free to play

    This is great news on both fronts. Cross-platform has been dropped, which is no biggie anyway. SOURCE
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    Final fantasy XIV for the 360?!

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    APB confirmed for the 360

    Looks like it is in developments for the 360 as well. SOURCE
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    Epic has big announcement planned at MS' E3 Conference

    And people though that they were working on a PS3 exclusive. :sleep: SOURCE