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    What will PlayStation 4 be like?

    The PlayStation 3 came out in 2006 and everybody was mesmerized by its blu-ray capability and new graphics. However, what turned a lot of people off about it in the beginning was its gargantuan price tag (even though it was appropriate for the amount of technologies utilized amongst the system...
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    More Fallout: New Vegas collector's editions soon?

    So ever since the day Fallout: NV came out, I have not been able to track down a copy of the collector's edition. I talked to GameStop and they said "It is probably going to be just like all of the other collector's editions - the amount of CE we get for preorders is going to be the only amount...
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    Looking for a crew to play with

    considerin most people i know only have xbox, i thought it would be nice to find a good crew from on here to play MW2 with. i get on usually in the evenings for a couple of hours. my psn is... Mr-Lethality add it and we'll get together for some intense COD gamin!
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    Battlefield Bad Company: why it so good?

    Really, a lot of people that I know have put it down as a bad game when it's really quite good... It's like MW2 except there is a lot more skill involved, vehicles, and realistic physics..... I've been playing this instead of MW2. pick it up it's $15 used at gamestop
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    PS3 not responding to TVersity...

    i just installed TVersity, and set everything up the way it should be. the only problem is, the PS3 isn't recognizing it... as in, it does not come up AT ALL. i don't know what else to do. i tried going into the firewall settings and editing the exceptions, and "TVersity Media Server" has been...
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    Will 2010 be Sony's year?

    Source: In my honest opinion, I think yes... SONY will dominate the 360. Over the past several months there seems to be a huge surge in the popularity of the PlayStation 3 console, and I think that the numbers will become even...
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    Lack of shipping, or increase in popularity?

    I called several stores in my area tonight, and many did not have any PS3s in. I called GameStop, another EB Games, and BlockBuster.. all of which had either one PS3 or none at all. According to a few people they sold pretty well over Christmas. Any other similar stories from you folks? :)
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    Three different Aliens vs. Predator bundles get Euro date.

    Three different Aliens vs. Predator bundles dated in Europe can't wait. I hope there is a NA plan for the "Hunter" edition, as I am a huge AVP enthusiast. Excellent series and excellent game. :) SOU
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    Entire list of MW2 multiplayer maps.

    I can't wait until this game comes out. Can't ****in wait! Getting my Xbox back on the 30th, going to kick *** and take names.
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    Xbox 360 is a piece of garbage...

    ... at least, that's what I was thinking back in August when I sold it. AT this point, I realize that I made a very stupid decision. Why? Because I am suffering from mad withdrawal. All of this Modern Warfare 2 gameplay hype is driving me up the wall. I have seen so many YouTube vids and I must...
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    Once you go HD, you can never go back...

    So last night I spent the night at a friend's house, and I must say... he had a pretty cool gaming set up down in his basement. I switched on one of his 20" TVs and it was probably the most blurriest thing I have ever set eyes upon. Honestly, I felt like I was going blind it was just that bad...
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    Xbox 360: Achievement migration on XBOX 720?

    All-right so I was just thinking about something while sitting at home for lunch. Alot of us Xbox 360 gamers have spent hours into trying to get the 1000/1250/1300/1400/1500/1600/1700 achievement mark on your gamer card, but what will happen when the new Xbox is released? Does that mean that all...
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    First Modern Warfare 2 footage...

    Ooh yeah. Nearly creamed myself.
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    First Modern Warfare 2 footage...

    not a joke. I nearly sh*t my pants when I saw this...
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    My Xbox 360 is EXTREMELY slow...

    Okay, here's the dilly-o... ever since last night, I have been having issues with Call of Duty 4. For example... I would go to multiplayer, it would say "Downloading game settings for ten minutes..." then say I needed to be connected to Xbox Live in order to play matches. The loading screen...
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    Call of Duty 4 Cheater killing patch released.

    This was posted like 20 hours ago but it will still be good for people who don't look at any gaming websites.
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    So I bought Too Human yesterday...

    And I have to say, despite the terrible reviews it got, I was actually enjoying the game. Sure the controls are a little bit awkward to start off, but the graphics are quite good in a lot of spots and it has a somewhat decent storyline. I also saw a few people complaining about the framerate...
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    Xbox 720/PS4 bypassing BluRay for Holography? I thought this was pretty interesting.
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    Um wtf?

    I was playing Michael Myers today and somebody was shot with an RPG. Look what happened... His body stretched and became a black cobweb. What the hell happened?
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    Just beat Resident Evil 5.

    Aaaaand I have to say it is an absolutely amazing game. The graphics were phenomenal, the gameplay was awesome, and the storyline cleared up a lot of questions I had. I give this game a 9.5/10. Definitely a game of the year for sure.