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    Best controller

    Not sure what section this should go in, so I'll just post it in here! Which do you think is the best of all the console's controllers? I'd go for the Playstation design - there's a reason they've not changed it aesthetically since the PS1 for a reason - it's poifect!
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    The PS3 owner club...

    I like polls. Polls goooood. And, as a non-PS3 owner yet, I'm just curious to find out how many of you guys actually have the shiny black monolith of power? (and no, I'm not talking about the 133t 360...)
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    Hand up who thinks Vista is a smelly piece of poo?

    I mean, really... Drivers don't work, it sucks system resources like deep throat, and don't get me started on the DRM nonsense...
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    Notebook Vs Desktop

    There's been lots of talk in the news recently about the rising popularity of notebook PC's and the slow fall of desktop PC's. As the proud owner of a fairly kick-ass new laptop, it's easy to see why they're becoming more popular as mobile GPU's are catching up to their desktop counterparts...