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    PSN Users and Resistance Online

    It seems resistance is STILL extremely popular and PSN downloads/users ever increasing! Source:
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    GTA IV: 926,000 copies sold in five days - UK Only

    No surprises here to be honest... Rockstar raking the money in... Source:
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    Accurate Release Dates?

    What site/shop would you say has the most accurate release dates for games coming out at the moment as I don't fancy checking three or four websites on a bunch of games to get a mix of release dates lol
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    Choose your side

    Hmm I was thinking, lately there has been an INSANE amount of fanboy arguments etc etc, and its getting old, maybe there could be a restriction put in place, for example, upon signing up (or next time visiting the forums for existing members) you have to choose what forums you would like to...
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    Pre-Ordered Games

    Hi Guys, On that hectic Friday (Or Thursday for some of the games), What online shops came through for you and delivered your games/ accessories either Thursday or Friday for you amid all the madness! And who should we avoid I went for Gameplay and they were here the Thursday so it was all...
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    Updating MotorStorm

    Any idea why when I try to update I get "Update Failed" in the background you can see the update didn't fully download Resistance Worked Fine, but will MotorStorm... nooooooooooooooo lol
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    MotorStorm - What Do You Use?

    Title Says It All, What Is You Transport Of Choice?