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    Killing Floor Guest Passes

    Just bought killing floor from Steam as it's 66% off. It came with two guest passes to play the game until the 14th of January. Who wants em? Edit: One is gone.
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    Extra copy of HL2 and HL2: EP 1 on Steam

    I'll give em to someone. None of my friends game on PC.
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    1500 dollars new pc. Help

    I have terrible pc and want a new one that will play modern games decently. I have 1500 to spend. Idealy I would like to build my own however I have no experience doing so. The other option i see is an alienware which is kind of a meh. So, I need suggestions. Would an alienware be...
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    Battlefield 2

    So i was looking through my old games and found this gem. I decided to install it again to try to get back into it. And recently patch 1.50 released giving both armored fury and euro force expansions for free which is more reason to get back into it. Does anyone still play it around here...
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    I got to play Little Big Planet and Motorstorm 2!

    I went to the Dew Tour in Portland Oregon today (i also went yesterday) and they have the Playstation Semi Truck there with like 21 PS3's all hooked up to big screens all inside of a big rig! And guess what there featured game was! LBP. So if you have any questions about it ask. I also got to...
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    The Great Escape of Nazi POW camp Stalag Luft III I thought that this was very interesting and wanted to share it with ya'll.
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    Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Online

    So i was look through my old PC games and found generals. I installed it and everything blah blah blah. Anyway i want to play online and when i chose "Create account" with all info (username and password and stuff put in) it say password is incorrect. So anyone know whats up or of any solutions?
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    Finally on my 530th try....

    I got the late boomer trophy. Does anyone else have a ridiculously high amout of trys to get that? I got shock and awe on my 101st try.
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    flOw Screenshots

    I downloaded the expansion and you can take screenshots. Did anyone else notice this? I didnt even know i took them until i looked at my pictures and saw them in there.
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    My PS3 just turned on on its own.

    I was just walking out to my front room and i heard a *beep*. My PS3 turned on. wtf?:confused: Has this happened to anyone else?
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    SixAxis Messed Up

    One of my controllers doesn't respond when i press the PS button. It will bring up the menu with turn off system etc. But when i try to choose one it does nothing. X triangle, circle, and square do nothing. Any ideas? I've reset it 2 times already and don't know what to do.
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    Student arrested and tazed for asking a simple question

    I am just dumbfounded by this. This is just absolutely ridiculous. I am not sure if this has been posted or not.
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    Good card for Battlefield games?

    Hey im wanting a new card so i can play Battlefield 2 and 2142 on decent settings. This card looks to be about right but i want to be sure. If anyone has other suggestions i dont want to go over $150 and it has to be AGP as i dont have PCI-E. Also i have 1gig of ram and a 2.2ghz processor. Will...
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    NGS Renting (Close Question Answered)

    Now a while back i heard that you could do a full install of the game on the harddrive for less loading. Could you just rent it and do this or do you need the disk?
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    PS3 BD Drive Problem (FIXED)

    Hey i'm really freakin out right now. My PS3 thinks it has a disk in it but it doesn't. The blue light is on signifying the disc but no disc will go into it. It also shows the little splash up in the right corner showing it is trying to load the disc. Any help appreciated. ^^^ Original Post...
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    How do I find my DNS

    Kind of a dumb question but how do i find my primary and secondary DNS?
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    God of War 2 Review God of war 2 got a 9.5 out of 10 from gametrailers! I will definately pick this game up.
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    Dark Sector Gameplay trailer! Looks very good!
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    New Motorstorm Demo?

    The motorstorm demo on the PS store is now 453 mb where as it used to be 447 i believe. Don't know if it's been posted, if so delete.
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    Need help with MP3 player

    So im looking to buy a new MP3 player. I was looking at the zune but then i find out it can't play protected files! WTF??!?! So i need to know what a good MP3 player is that will work with Windows Media Player and play those protected files. I...