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    Best classes/weapons

    Im trying to figure out what the best class/weapon is. I am using the UMP45 now with bling pro harline pro and commando pro. Does anyone have anything better?:gta:
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    mw2 cant me play online

    whenever i try clicking on play online it says connecting to matchmaking server. this takes forever! it wont let me get any further, ive downloaded the latest patch. does anyone know why it doesnt work?
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    Warhawk another tournament?

    i have heard about the warhawk tournament, and i think it was for America only. Does anyone know about another coming for the UK, or something? Anyone know if they got a knife?
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    MGS4 ending? - SPOILERS INSIDE -

    I have finished the game now, but i dont understand the part where snake shot himself, then later he had not died. Can anyone help? Next time add a spoiler tag to the thread title or the text it self!!! ~ Nuv
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    gta iv as good as you thought?

    Before you got gta iv did you watch some gameplay ? If you did and thought it amazing, then the next day you went and got the game, was it as good as you thought ,better ,or worse? i think is as good!
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    gta iv doesnt load? not happened to me yet.

    My friend has gta iv on ps3 and it doesnt want to load up. Im afraid it will hapen to me, has yours stopped loading or is it perfect?
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    Eye of judgement or burnout paradise?

    eye of judgement or burnout paradise???
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    Whats the worst game on the ps3?

    WHat do you think the worst game on ps3 is? or are they all good?
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    Games cost to much?

    Do you think that the games you buy for your ps3 costs too much or not? what price would you rather pay if you think they are?
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    Which is the best online game out this year?

    wich online game do you like best? i think cod4!!!!
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    What is the best game in 2008?

    What game do you recommend for 2008 and why?:DD:DD:DD:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: