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    One of the greatest reads.

    I came across this lovely gem of a review. it made me lol quite abit.
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    Paying for extra characters?

    Does anyone else think this is a balls up of an idea? I realise Kojima really wants to milk the cash cow since it's his last mgs game, but seriously? what kind of a cokamany idea is this? Did he really not think people have SIBLINGS, REALLY?
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    Vegas 2 promo copy (the one not in a box) including online play?

    I am just wondering if the promotional copies are complete games including online play? arrk please help! im about to make a purchase
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    rainbow six online?

    Well, im currently not very interested in cod, the challenge of it has just gone from me. Im looking for another fps online game to pass some time, i fancied rainbow six tbh, but i was just wondering whether if i really just want it for online is it worth getting the second one, or is the...
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    BUJINGAI SWORDMASTER, is it worth it?

    Ive been meaning to buy this for a while, but has anyone played it and can say its good?
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    advice on a purchase? ff 10 or ff 12

    im lacking in final fantasy gameplay right now, so until 13 comes around i was thinking of buying one of these to put me over. any advice on which one i should buy is greatly appreciated.
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    Im bored, looking for an immersive psp game

    well im finding it difficult to find much enjoyment out of my psp lately, ive pretty much got all of the titles that are must haves for the psp. this includes crisis core, GOW, tekken and some others. I was just wondering if anyone could reccomend me some psp games that are really quite good...