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    Anyone try remote play on public wifi?

    I havent found anyone's impressions on remote play while not connected to their own wifi at home. Does it work on a public wifi network? Does it lag?
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    Is it safe for PS3 slim to be working through the whole night?

    I have the first PS3 slim that came out and plan on subscribing to PS+ today. Because I need the internet through the day I was wondering would it be safe for the console to be turned on through the whole night downloading games? Can there be overheating issues?
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    Quality of PS+ games for PS3 when PS4 comes out?

    So I was wondering do you think the quality of titles for PS+ users on PS3 will drop off when the PS4 comes out? What games will they offer for PS4 in the beginning? Indie titles? Will Sony shift their focus on titles for PS4 and slowly decrease good PS3 titles for PS+ users? Im a little...
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    Vita: OLED vs LCD Screenshot comparisons

    I didnt expect the difference to be this big. :Smiley2:
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    Slim vita and multiple colors

    Im slightly disappointed. Switching to LCD, they made the speakers look hell cheap with the honeycomb design, added an ugly frame to the screen.
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    PS Vita NEW memory card prices

    I was hoping for a bigger price cut.
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    Rumor: New Vita, larger screen, twice the RAM, pre TGS reveal

    I want this to be true but Im highly skeptical
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    Vita is dead - Pachter places finger of doom on Sony's handheld

    I really dont think Bioshock Vita is in development. I have a feeling they just scrapped it after working on it for say 6 months. Someone mentioned they have to lower the price of memory cards. Also dont see that happening. I think at TGS or Gamescon they announce a price drop to 180$ and...
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    Who feels comfortable waiting 6 months to a year to get a PS4?

    Im impressed by the console, not so much about the exclusives shown at E3. I dont feel the need to rush out and get one around when it releases. Feel totally comfortable waiting for better games to show up+price drops for some launch games after 6 months maybe even a whole year. I mean whats...
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    Skype Coming To Vita ‘This Month’

    Do we know if you can use video chat?
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    The Vita game reviews are up at IGN

    Remember game review scores are subjective. Every game reviewer rates it based on their own opinion on it. You may like the game more or less.
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    2 Weeks to Go and still no official vita commercial.

    Im sure Sony has something planned for the Superbowl on Sunday. If not.............expect US sales to suck The average person still has no idea what the hell the Vita is, so Sony would benefit with airing an ad during the halftime show. People would start talking about it.
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    How has your excitement held up?

    Im way less excited. I probably wont get it until June. Not a lot of launch games interest me. Only Gravity Rush interests me and thats not even a launch title
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    Is it true that every Vita game will be locked to one console when installed?

    I read somewhere that it wont be possible to sell/trade physical games after you've finished them. In other words when you install them on one console they wont install on a different Vita? Any truth to that? I hope not
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    Vita sold 40k, its second full week

    Im starting to think people really dont want another handheld console. Satisfied with phones, tablets.......... I want a Vita though
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    Playstation Vita Battery Life Test Results!

    I like lower brightness and wifi doesnt need to be turned on all the time, also I like the volume around 50% on my devices so I should get around 5 hours gaming and 7-8 of movies/music
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    Vita Sold 321K First 2 Days In Japan

    THose numbers are encouraging
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    Gamestop Prices Memory Cards

    Wait are you sure we will be able to use a microsd or memory stick with an adaptor and just pop it in? I thought the memory cards Vita will use will be proprietary?
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    PSV Battery Life: 3-5 Hours

    Im disappointed by this news. Like a lot of people I will wait for the slim revision that will probably come out in 2014/15. But will I be able to wait that long? SOny shot themselves in the foot with this one......