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    Video Card advise

    Hello there, I need some advise, I just picked up a XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition card with 512MB. I seen an ad in fry's for a BFG 9800 GT OC with 512MB of ram. Do you guys think the BFG card performs any better than the 8800GT?? Only reason why I asked because someone told me the 8800GT...
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    Blame it on Halo 3 this video is great. LOL
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    Beautiful Katamari $34.99 at Fry's If you dont have a Fry's in your area, print this ad and show it to a retailer that do price matchs. I do this all the time at Best Buy.
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    WiiMote mod for 360

    Very cool mod, but something I dont think ill utilize for my system.
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    Playstation 3 60GB $457 Shipped + 5 Bluray Movies

    All AAA members get a 10% at Target. Applies to PS3 as well. Get em while you can. opps wrong section. Mods can you move to correct section.....righteous!
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    Forza 2: Drift Club

    Just an idea. Make a drift car with the most control ability. Not speed. Lets try each others set up. Post up a pic along with specs. See you at the nearest: Toyota Trueno B618 177HP Specs: N/A Stock Motor All Stage 1 Upgrades Suspension, Brakes, Tranny, Reduced weight all Maxed out...
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    GT:HD question

    Will the new GT:HD have DAMAGE??? i been playing Forza recently (preparing myself for Forza 2) and noticed some new features that im not accustomed to like engine swapping and damage. It would be great if GT:HD would incorporate those ideas, well at least damage and how it will affect drivability.
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    Does MS patent the XBOX's golden gaming features??

    Now im just making an assumption here. Im sure most of you Live subscribers are familiar with the features on Live that make it so great. PSN has the potential to be just as great, maybe even better since its free. But why doesnt Sony implement the same features as Live ie. Crossgame coms...
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    Gaming for Couples!!!!

    Now thats innovation! LOL
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    Spring 07 update??

    wasnt it suppose to happen today?? if not, when is it coming???
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    PS3 already gettin price cuts

    So I went to my local Game Crazy (Hollywood Video Game Store) and they are now selling PS3 60GBs for $579. I asked them if Sony already enforced a price cut, but they stated that the store did it on their own. They werent selling any PS3s in the past 2 months so they cut the price. I know $20...
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    Xbox games on Xbox 360

    I didnt like playing games on an old system cuz i was spoiled with the graphics with the 360 provided. But recently non of the new games really interest me so i went out a bought some old xbox games. Ive always heard about Ninja Gaiden Black and Forza. So i came across brand new games for $15...
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    Playstation in Professional Gaming

    I been checkin gaming news about professional gaming circuits. They are mostly PC and XBOX systems. Is any game on the Playstation thats in the professinal gaming world?? Link anyone??
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    Wii Game Idea "Ninja Warrior"

    guys ever watch Ninja Warrior on G4TV?? i just thought it would be cool to have a wii game based on that show. would make great use of the WiiMote Nunchuck combo to be used in the game. Just think about the online play, have 100 people enter and see who can be a Ninja Warrior.
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    PS3 Forums "Forum of Bad News"

    When i bought my PS3, i chose this site for my PS3 info/community needs. But all i read here is fanboyant crap and bad news for the PS3. I mean com on, the XBOX 360 section here has more good news then the PS3 section. It makes me depressed to read all this crap here. Its kinda of depressing...