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    Can't play PSVR games on my PS5 even though I set everything up correctly.

    Bought a PS camera adapter so I could play VR games on my PS5. I'm using the PS4 camera and I have set it up correctly but, any time I turn on my VR headset, it says that the headset isn't connected to the HDMI. I have everything setup correctly so how do I check to make sure it works after I...
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    Playstation Camera adapter.

    Firstly, don't know if this is the right place to put this. If not, go ahead and move it to the right area. Also, kind of long so bear with me. Got a PS5 but can't play any VR games on it since I didn't have a camera adapter at the time. On March 12th, I requested an adapter for my PS5 so I...