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    Another ARPG for PSP: Kentoushi Gladiator Begins

    Just thought I would post this for anyone that might get interested (I'm always interested in RPGs, haha) Screens leave something to be desired with me, but it's only just been revealed, so I won't pass judgment yet.
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    New PSP RPG - Hexyz Force

    Just saw this on psphyper, thought I would share: Apparently its almost done already, but I guess that's how Atlus works with most of their announcements. Have to see how it looks, I can't really judge anything on it...
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    NGSII Website Update

    Sorry if this was already known, but I was looking at different sites and came across some updates on the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Website. Lots of new screens (all of which look great, at least to me) and some information on a Team missions section. This looks very promising to me, with unique...
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    New Tri Ace RPG for PS3?

    Website lists it as multi plat, but we all know how well that has worked out so far. Here's the teaser site, counting down to something. Let the speculation begin.
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    Class of Heroes Delayed I was considering getting this if it got decent reviews, at least they are fixing it before they send it.
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    Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce demo

    Its been out in Japan for a while, but its coming out tomorrow for NA, can't wait to try it:
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    Ys Chronicles, Ys Seven

    So, I've never heard of this entire series, and apparently there is seven of them now. I realize some didn't come out over here, but I can't believe I've never heard of it. Now they have announced two games...
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    Demon's Souls Website Update

    Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that the official demon's souls website has been updated with a lot of info. Only problem is that it's in Japanese, so if anyone could translate, that would be great.
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    Ninja Gaiden Question

    I have a question for everyone about ninja gaiden 2. But first I will do some background on Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. Ninja Gaiden originally started on the PS2 for development. Everything was planned out and ready to go, even at PS2 launch. For whatever reason though, they stopped...
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    What's your next ...

    RPG? I love RPGs and got some money for Christmas so I am buying some new RPGs that look really good. The two that look the greatest right now are Grandia III and Rogue Galaxy. I really want to play both of these and I was wondering what you guys thought of these games. I know Rogue Galaxy...
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    Tecmo to announce games

    Tecmo just announced they will be talking about what games they will be releasing for PS3 soon. Take this with a grain of salt though, it usually takes them a while to get announcements out. At least we know that they will be developing for...
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    The way of the RPG

    I was just wondering if I was the only one that was actually not liking the transition from the old ways of the RPG to the new ways. Here's what I mean. Old way - Random encounters, turn-based, wait battle speed or active. 2nd way - Enemies on map, turn-based, wait battle speed or active...
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    Memory Cards

    I was just thinking about the whole memory card situation. I know that it has already been stated that the old memory cards will not be compatible with the PS3 hardware. My question is whether or not there will ever be any way for us to get our old saves, the ones on the memory cards now, to...
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    Devil May Cry 4 Discussion

    First of all, hello, I am pretty new to this forum and so far its a good place for civil discussion. I am glad to see that there is somewhere on the internet left for sane people can go to just talk about the next generations and new games that are coming out without constanly being told that...